Build the Block

An important new announcement for SoHo residents —

WHEN: Wednesday, August 8.  Doors open at 4:00 pm for refreshments and the meeting starts at 4:30.

A.G. Underwood Temporary Block on 3-D Gun File

News from A.G.: Barbara D. Underwood: 

Handicap Scam Returns – What You Can Do?

Residents and Businesses Beware!

From The SoHo Alliance comes this warning.:

Several years ago the SoHo Alliance warned of a wheelchair-bound man whose lawyer would approach SoHo shops lacking handicap accessible ramps and threaten to sue for millions in alleged emotional damage under the Americans with Disabilities Act unless the store settled for tens of thousands of dollars.  

High-minded crusade or shakedown racket? 

Stay Local

The Cupping Room


La Duree SoHo



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