SoHo Zoning: Sean Sweeney of the SoHo Alliance Speaks

The following message is from Sean Sweeney of The SoHo Alliance regarding the major zoning changes in the SoHo area:

Dear SoHo,

SoHo Zoning? Or, SoHo/NoHo sell-out?

Some call it pandering to the Real Estate Board which has already neutered Housing Preservation and Development to the extent that rent-controlled and rent-stabilized tenants cannot rely on the City to protect their rights.  Market-rate tenants have practically no rights and pay the highest rents now. Unscrupulous landlords (now all too common), for example, use the  litigation ploy to force tenants out by dragging them into court for any reason whatever, and then bankrupting tenants while necessitating the  cost of paying a lawyer AND also paying rent at the same time.

New York Fashion Week Parking Problems

New York Fashion Week. Usurping lower Manhattan for fun and especially profit. But not yours. Only the film companies get more free parking.

For those of you who are not fans of New York Fashion Week -- a name which refers to a number of locations where fashionistas appear and parking spaces disappear -- you should be aware that they’ve been thrown out of many locations in the past. From The Plaza to Bryant Park to Lincoln Center -- and now to Downtown streets near you at 50 Varick Street (reappearing twice a year).


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