February 2010

This story of a man’s life, his ups and downs and his struggle to put the pieces of his life back together after he suffers the consequences of bad decisions, his journey from late teens to his 80’s is brought to life by the gifted Tony King. As the main character Casper, King showcases his agile ability to transform from 18 to 80 with nothing more than a twist of his face, or a subtle vocal inflection, it is quite astonishing and I believe this handsome young man has a very bright future ahead of him...

In order to best address continuing questions that some of the NYPD crime reporting may have been compromised due to pressure asserted by the Compstat process, the Citizens Crime Commission said today The New York Police Department (NYPD) could remove any doubt about the integrity of its crime numbers by embracing transparency and releasing all details from its internal audits of crime statistics. The call comes as a new survey conducted by John Eterno and Eli Silverman suggests that officials felt pressure to downgrade index crime to the point of manipulation of statistics.

Poetry has had its shining moments in the swing of cultural trends, though lately a quality slam seems few and far between. So where should you go when you need a dose of narcotic wordplay?  You’d go to the Bowery Poetry Club silly! (duh!) Every Tuesday the Club presents the Urbana Poetry Slam featuring a prolific new poet. Tonight watch Sarah Morgan kill it...

Political artist Suzannah B. Troy weighs in on last weeks New York Post article by David Seifman about an unaccounted $750,000 that Mayor Bloomberg allegedly spent on a secretive poll monitoring firm. 

Carl Fudge, who combines digital technology with traditional art-making techniques, will exhibit unique prints that range from the monumental to the miniature. In his new series, Dazzle, he reconfigures woodcuts by Edward Wadsworth, a member of the short-lived British art movement called the Vorticists (1914-15). The Vorticists promoted a British brand of modernism which stressed geometric abstraction and the hard-edged precision of mechanical forms. In so doing Fudge suggests correspondences between the utopian vision of the Industrial Age and our current infatuation with digital technology. 


“A Valentine’s Breakup” courtesy of Funny or Die.  Have a Valentine’s giggle filmed at SoHo’s one and only Cupping Room Café. Enjoy!!



Real linoleum—as distinct from synthetic versions or vinyl—is made from all-natural materials, including wood flour, rosins, ground limestone, powdered cork, pigments, jute and linseed oil. As such it is one of the greenest flooring options out there today. The GreenFloors.com website reports that old linoleum—including scraps and remnants from the production process—can be recycled to create new sheets of the stuff. And given that it is made from natural materials, linoleum is practically carbon neutral, and the energy created by incinerating it at the end of its useful life is almost equal to the energy needed to create new linoleum.


Pucker up for Valentines Day by gliding through a “sensual funhouse” of erotic pleasures. On Saturday night, Valentine’s Eve, The Sensual Life will be transforming sultry West Village bar Madame X into a safe, sexy environment where guests can stimulate their senses, connect with their feelings and even make new “friends.” Both couples and singles are welcome. The first 20 people to arrive will be awarded door prizes so don’t be late!! 

SoHo is now the proud recipient of yet another useless structure whose only reason for existence – is to sport another “wrap-around” billboard. In fact, the race to create this 40-foot high tubular steel Lego set has pitched media companies against each other...

Check out Lucky Preksto's prophetic play as part of the Winterfest 2010 Play Festival through Friday, February 12th.  

"Make no mistake about it, this is a sad day for the Senate. The expulsion of a Senator is a rare action that ought to be considered only in the most egregious of circumstances, but I believe the conduct of Senator Monserrate – his disregard for the law and for the safety of others – meets that standard."

On Thursday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 pm, the Department of City Planning (DCP) will make a public presentation of its plan for a 6-block rezoning in the Far West Village. A 6-block area between Washington and Greenwich Streets, and between West 10th and West 12th Streets is currently zoned C6-1, which encourages out-of-scale commercial (such as hotel) and community facility (such as dorm) development. As requested by GVSHP and community groups, the zoning for this area will be changed to C1-6A, which limits the height and size of new development, and eliminates the current zoning bonus for hotel or dorm development.