March 2010

As a result of bailing out the banks with TARP money, taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac via a conservatorship, and giving huge loans to certain “too big to fail” entities, we now have some stability. But, it is a stability that comes with a high price.

NYU’s plans for expansion have been the source of tremendous friction between the mega-school and its surrounding communities, residents citing a general disregard for their wishes and a seeming entitlement.  Set your calendars now.  NYU will present its 2031 Expansion Plan on Wednesday, April 14th, 5:30 to 8pm.  How do you feel about the red dots on the map??

New York, New York – The Straphangers Campaign and City Council Member Margaret Chin stationed themselves outside Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan this afternoon, handing out 1,200 leaflets to students and parents at the Stuyvesant parent-teacher conference. The leaflets urged calling Governor Paterson in support of student MetroCards. 

Throughout an artistic career spanning more than half a century, Ralph Bakshi’s secret passion has always been fine art. Although he has become a renowned film director, Bakshi has remained a sedulously dedicated self-taught painter, and this body of work is as sophisticated as his films are outrageous.


I am a huge Bowie fan. I have been listening to and reading about, and going to see Bowie live since I was 13 years old. I thought I had read everything written about him; thought I knew all the facts of his more than interesting life. I’ve been proven wrong in the best possible way...



For his latest exhibition, Ryan McGinley has shifted his focus away from constructing a youthful sublime within the boundless American landscape and has concentrated instead on creating imagery within the confines of his New York studio. The result is a surprisingly restrained, open-ended study of black and white portraiture. Here we see McGinley not as a chronicler of youthful adventure, but as an engine for an almost scientific cataloging of a kind of emotional optimism.


With all the negative press about Teflon and about metals leaching out of pots and pans, consumers are on the lookout for cookware that’s easy-to-clean and doesn’t pose health concerns. Silicone, a synthetic rubber made of bonded silicon (a natural element abundant in sand and rock) and oxygen, is increasingly filling this niche.

Today SoHo’s looking a little like a shamrock and good timing too! Come celebrate with us downtown at some of our favorite joints. I predict by the end of it we’ll all be looking a wee bit green. Can’t wait!

Yesterday, the United States Census Bureau mailed the Census questionnaire to households throughout the nation. Based on the results of the Census, the federal government distributes $400 billion in aid among the states – a significant portion of which may benefit New York City.

Political artist Suzannah B. Troy video blogs about Monserrate, Bloomberg, and oh yeah Paterson.

 Glowlab founder and gallery Director Christina Ray changes the name of her gallery to CHRISTINA RAY. The gallery remains in its SoHo location with the same program and artists. The re-launch is celebrated with a group exhibition titled “Refresh” opening March 04 with a reception on March 18.

I first became aware of you while listening to that incredible speech you delivered at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I was so impressed I imagined that someday you would be President; I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Too soon, maybe, for you and your party if things continue to go as they have recently.