April 2010

"While the Mayor is proposing to close fire companies, 200 people are in need of emergency shelter after being displaced by the massive fire that struck Chinatown last week," said City Council Fire & Criminal Justice Chair Elizabeth Crowley. "If Engine 4 had been closed that night, as it was proposed to close in last year’s budget, the Chinatown community would have lost more homes, businesses and probably lives. It is simply irresponsible to eliminate fire companies when our fire services are responding to more emergencies than ever before." 

Dead Meadow is one of those underground bands that is surfacing with a vengeance.   Their psychedelic rock sounds once described as “heavy, dreamy, trippy, expansive, reflective and evocative” band together youths, seething for something fresh, and the romantics, longing for the hard rock of the 70’s and the psychedelics from the 60’s. Thus Dead Meadow has elicited a cult like following. And they also made a movie… 

Since the Goldman case erupted last week, there's been plenty of fresh banker blood in the water, with scores of pundits and other piranha swirling around the wounded giants in the banking industry as if they were a herd of cattle crossing a tributary of the upper Rio Negro. Despite— or more likely because of— Goldman's relatively clean track record and illustrious credentials, many commentators on this story have assumed an almost Madame Defarge-like vengeful tone, reigning down condemnation and derision from the penultimate rungs of their moral pedestals.

"In light of the extraordinarily troubling charges against him and other ongoing investigations, Senator Espada should immediately give up his leadership position and forfeit his stipend. While it is inappropriate to comment on the specifics of a pending lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's office, it is clear that public officials must be held to the highest ethical standard. No one is above the law."


Feeling funky? Well check out Frank Viele and the Manhattan Project tonight at 10 PM at Sullivan Hall as part of the Fifth Annual Funk Fest (begins at 7 PM).  Drawing comparisons to major acts such as Maroon 5, O.A.R. and the Dave Matthews Band as well as classic artists including Chicago and Tower of Power, Frank Viele and the Manhattan Project are 6 extremely talented group of guys whose members come from Average White Band, Stealing Jane, The Soul Dogs among other great bands. These guys bring the funk, the flavor, and the talent. Ch-ch-check 'em out!!


New York City Comptroller John C. Liu today will be submitting a number of recommendations to the New York City Charter Revision Commission relating to the Office of Comptroller and how it can better serve the people of New York City. Liu will submit his recommendations at a meeting of the Charter Revision Commission in Brooklyn, but will not offer public testimony, instead forgoing his speaking time so the general public could have more time to voice their concerns.

Explore poet Poe through the tales of historian Dr. Gary Hermalyn, executive director of the Bronx County Historical Society. He’ll be presenting tonight at NYU from 6-7 PM.  Dr. Hermalyn will discuss the famous American writer's final years (1846 -1849) spent in a simple frame cottage in Fordham village, which today is a part of the Bronx. Poe Cottage, built ca. 1812, is a historic house museum famous for being the location where Poe wrote such works as "The Bells," "Eureka," "Annabel Lee," and "The Cask of Amontillado."

Please take note that on April 27, 2010 at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, the Parks and Recreation Committee of the City Council will hold an oversight hearing on concessions. The hearing is expected to address the entire range of the topic, from the planning of concessions to the process of the awarding of concessions (including input by Community Boards) to the enforcement of concessions.


“I am honored to have the support of Senators Breslin and Valesky. I look forward to working with them as Attorney General to address the concerns New York’s working families are facing every day - whether it’s attacking mortgage fraud, stopping insurance abuses or protecting our neighborhoods from crime. It's time to think big,” said Eric Schneiderman.



The New York Academy of Art boasts one of the finest MFA programs in the country and here’s your chance to see why. On Friday, April 23rd the Academy will be opening its doors to the New York Community to allow us to see what an emerging artist’s workspace really looks like. There will be over a 100 artists including faculty, students, and alumni will be present to discuss their work and the Academy’s programs in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Take the tour and learn why its called a Masters of Fine Arts. 


Since its creation in 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency has held the responsibility of providing our Federal Government information to sustain our country’s safety and well being. With such a vital role, it seems astounding that the agency along with other intelligence groups in our government are essentially made up of just a handful of operatives, ordinary people. These folks must be highly intelligent with a shrewdness to ensure their survival and the protection of American secrets. Their successes must be clandestine and their thoughts concealed— well mostly. It often comes as a surprise (though why should it) that these brilliant few are often artists, painters, writers and poets. And they have stories to tell.

Urban planners subscribing to a smart growth philosophy work to concentrate growth in the center of existing cities and towns to avoid sprawling development in areas otherwise prized for open space. Part of a smart growth effort attempts to minimize automobile traffic and its pollution in urban centers by including stores, residences and schools in neighborhoods, resulting in more walking, bicycle riding and mass transit usage than in a typical suburban environment. Advocates maintain that smart growth initiatives create a unique sense of community and place, give people more transportation, employment and housing choices, and equitably distribute the costs and benefits of development while preserving and enhancing natural beauty, cultural resources and public health.