September 2010

The End of World War 11 was a good day, because on August 14, 1945 two thousand men descended on Madison Avenue to sell soap, sex, and sophistication. They were advertising men and they would add style and swagger to everything bought and sold in America for the next 50 years.

Through November 14th, 2010 the Drawing Center presents of Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway, a collaboration with The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union. Had The Lower Manhattan Expressway ( first conceived by Robert Moses )  been constructed, this major urban design plan would have transformed New York City’s topography and infrastructure. Approximately 30 full-scale reproductions of drawings, prints, and photographs dated from 1967–1972 will be on public view for the first time in the Houghton Gallery at The Cooper Union.

“Fresh out of a less-than-fulfilling relationship, Michelle "Shells” Hoffman is ready to shed her 9-to-5 facade and convince her ex that she is more than just a successful JP Morgan Senior Analyst. Hopping from hilarious original songs to tales of the "rough" life, Shells feverishly attempts to convince her audience and her ex that she is finally “over it.” Armed with a glass of Shiraz and a penchant for drunk-dialing the one person she should not, Shells demonstrates that the fabulous Sex And The City life she thinks she is living and the life she actually leads are two very different things.”

“I am so honored to receive the support of Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York. For years, PPANY has been fighting for equality, privacy, and justice for women and their families, and I will absolutely continue this fight as Attorney General,” said Eric Schneiderman. “Even in New York, we can never let our guard down. As a pro-choice Attorney General, I will stand up for all civil rights and challenge anti-choice injustice wherever it exists.”

Check out famed photographers Christopher Makos, author of LADY WARHOL, and Paul Solberg, author of BLOOM signing their books at Clic Gallery Wednesday night at 6:30 PM. LADY WARHOL is the eagerly awaited collection of Makos' portraits of his longtime collaborator Andy Warhol in drag. BLOOM is Paul Solberg's radical fluorescent closeups of flowers. Both books are a fresh, provocative look at well-known images. As their art world alter egos THE HILTON BROTHERS, their work is the subject of Clic's current show ANDY DANDY, which pairs Makos' black and white photographs of Warhol in 1981 wearing a wig, lipstick, and come-hither stare alongside Solberg's ultramodern color-drenched roses and tulips.

Brooks and Howard Seek Legal Reform,
Is There a Chance To Secure Justice?
An insightful conversation is shaping up between two gifted commentators on American government and culture.

On July 14, 2009, the New York Times Company announced that the 96.3 FM frequency would be transferred to another station and that they were selling WQXR. What followed is an amazing story of the power of classical music and classical music lovers to save one of the landmarks of live classical music for New York City and America. 

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo today announced his support for Eric Schneiderman to be his successor at a press conference in Central Park. Cuomo and Schneiderman pledged to bring real reform to our government, and deliver change for the people of New York.

Today is the 6th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day where thousands of museums and cultural institutions across the country offer free admission. In New York 41 museums are participating, letting art and culture lovers roam for free. Tickets are downloadable on the Museum Day Website and allow for 2 people to enter 1 museum on the September 25th for free. It’s a beautiful day to tour the City, so go check it out! 


When the United States had a firm grip on the world economy following World War II, all was well. The American Dream was in full swing and being fulfilled year after year as the baby boomers grew up. But all the while rot was setting in, subtly at first but now screaming for attention. We closed our eyes when manufacturing jobs started going overseas because the relatively basic skills necessary could be found elsewhere at half the price that years of excessive labor union demands here had driven them to.


This brilliant collection includes the original Academy Award winning Creature Comforts, the NYICFF Grand Prize winning Humdrum and A Matter of Loaf and Death, plus Rex the Runt, Shaun the Sheep, and other mini masterpieces encompassing 25 years of creative output from Nick Park, Peter Lord, Richard "Golly" Goleszowski, Peter Peake, Chris Sadler, and the other claymation geniuses at Aardman Animations.

In a blow to Vito Lopez's Democratic Party machine, grass roots candidate Lincoln Restler declared an upstart victory in the hotly contested race for State Committee in the 50th Assembly District. After leading with 50.2% on primary night, Restler fell behind in the initial recount and then bounded back to declare victory by 120 votes.