September 2011

Last fall, the "robo-signing" scandal broke. Large banks were found to be foreclosing on homes with rushed or improper documents. As a result, banks re–examined their procedures, and foreclosures slowed around the country.

While Ray Kelly is planning to run for Mayor, unless Mike Bloomberg decides to pull a Vladimir Putin and change jobs with Christine Quinn for the next term— what clearly seems to be out of style is looking for the real bad guys. Crooks and complicit politicians like Angelo Mozillo, Jamie Dimon, Ken Lewis, Timothy Giethner, Helicopter Ben Bernanke or Henry Paulson. All collaborated to “save the economy” while lining their own and/or, their friends (and former employers) pockets.

Pulitzer Prize winning author William Kennedy will be guest of honor at a special toast at popular Theater District eatery, Trattoria Dopo Teatro, 125 West 44th Street on Wednesday, October 5 from 9pm to 11 pm. Noted film and theater producer Barbara Ligeti and Trattoria Dopo Teatro will host the reception to salute the author on the release of his eagerly anticipated new novel, “Chango’s Beads and Two Toned Shoes”.

Live and Learn’s goal is to prevent unfettered, irresponsible residential development in communities surrounding schools, without upgrading the basic school infrastructure to meet the ever increasing needs of the students.  Rudin Development is planning the largest residential development in 30 years at the previous St. Vincent Hospital site and 75 Morton Street remains an inexpensive alternative to resolve the problem of overcrowding.

Few activists deserve honorable mention more than former State Trooper and Private Investigator Bob Olson. His bona fides are firmly rooted in Riverhead, a Long Island Town that has seen its share of promising development ideas but little in the way of sustained financial successes. Riverhead in general and Polish Town specifically, has been Olson’s home and for several generations of his family.

Personally, it is no great surprise that the media distorts reality. It occurs in numerous publications. The Villager, Downtown Express, have their own agenda, Newsday caters to law enforcement in Suffolk County and the Hamptons (indictment were avoided by making nice after the circulation scandal), the NY Post (Murdoch has his own problems), and the Daily News prefers some politicians over others. Hunter Thompson is a favorite because he hated all media, thought they were all whores, and distrusted journalists even though he was among the best of them

First, the Secondary Market is the financial engine that brought prosperity, hence demand, and then jobs back to the post World War II economy, and there will be no genuine economic peace unless it can be properly revived by the U.S. government backstopping its financial oversights, and instilling trust between its counterparties. That can only be done by the government scaling back the monopoly banks, and helping them to abandon perverse incentives. There are so many potential bank customers in the world today, that no bank, or cartel of banks, no matter how large, can serve a useful function unless it can repeatedly sell off the debt it holds, in the secondary market.

Check out The Zombies at City Winery, September 26th at 8pm. The Zombies were the second UK group following the Beatles to score a #1 hit in America.  "She's Not There" became a pop sensation that still permeate the airways today, engaging a whole new audience.  It's a performance not to be missed.

Living as Form provides a broad look at a vast array of socially engaged practices that appear with increasing regularity in fields ranging from theater to activism, and urban planning to visual art. The project brings together twenty-five curators, documents over 100 artists’ projects in a large-scale survey exhibition inside the historic Essex Street Market building, features nine new commissions in the surrounding neighborhood, and provides a dynamic online archive of over 350 socially engaged projects.

As the Judicial Convention arrives, among those jurists who are in the running for State Supreme Court, it is a limited list. This evening, at Harlem Hospital, the jockeying will have begun.

An important meeting to determine what will become of the old St. Vincent’s space on Thursday morning, at 10am.  The Rudin/NS-LIJ Condo plan is going before the Public Health panel for approval of its “Certificate of Need” for its plan to build 450 luxury condos at the site of the former O’Toole Clinic Bulding.  It is essential that they hear our community’s voice. 


Dear EarthTalk: Some friends of mine were talking about a book called “Plan B” that proposes a plan for rescuing the environment and ending poverty around the world. Is it a realistic plan or just some utopian pipe dream? — Robin Jackson, Richmond, V