May 2012

Sounds great, but also sounds impossible, right? Well, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to turn back actual time, but I can promise that if you're ready to put in the work, you’ll look and feel better than you ever believed possible…at every age.

Grand Projects is pleased to present “Tell Me Now”, a dynamic group exhibition of six NYC artists. The works of these artists, by emblematic means, touch on a primary function of art—to offer a story or insight into the human experience. Whether musing of the future or exploring process in the studio these artists are creating work in which one can readily find narratives of contemporary life.
 Opening May 17th.

Meet Fadwa Faranesh, an unmarried, 30-something Palestinian woman living in Bethlehem in the politically volatile West Bank. Known for her delectable cooking and deep-seated sense of duty to her family and aging father, our kitchen maven insists on continuing the preparations for the wedding of her younger sister, despite constraints of daily life under occupation. Politics blend with family tensions to create a sometimes humorous and sometimes heartbreaking meal.

Marvel at the world’s center for contemporary art, Chelsea, where museums and collectors purchase provocative works.  Led by Thomas Beachdel, professor of art and architectural history at Hunter College. He is a doctoral candidate and Chancellor’s Fellow at the CUNY Graduate Center.

A project of the non-profit Green America, the “Fair Trade Your Supermarket” campaign aims to empower consumers to advocate for more “Fair Trade” products on store shelves at their local supermarkets. Fair trade is a system of exchange that honors producers, communities and the environment by ensuring that farmers and artisans throughout the developing world are paid fair prices for their work and have direct involvement in the marketplace.

Check out Billy Sullivan’s fifth solo exhibition with the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery. With his signature directness and clarity, Sullivan continues to paint portraits of close friends and acquaintances. Together with these portraits, a new series of still life paintings will be exhibited, as well as a foray into wallpaper featuring the Yorkshire terrier, Missy, as the central motif.

For four years I’ve kept quiet, publishing nary a word regarding my experience as a victim of mortgage fraud and the resulting wrongful foreclosures of not one of my properties, but two.

Y Gallery is pleased to present "Various Small Lots" by Ryan Brown, his second solo show at the gallery. The drawings and photographs in this series conjure a suggestion of an object which may have been but is no longer present.  Opening Friday, May 4, 6 - 9 PM.

‘Shop Your Values Week’ is a campaign to encourage New Yorkers to support local business that offer ethical and green products and services. It is a time to come together as a community, and take advantage of the over 200 discounts and incentives, as well as free activities like yoga and bike tours.

Sugar addiction is similar to other addictions, but it’s a tough one to beat. For instance, with alcohol, you have no choice. You need to join a 12 Step Program, or get another form of help. In rare cases, a serious accident, or revelation can pulls a person up short, and they quit in one step!

Marc Desgrandchamps has been shipping an oeuvre whose complex compositions comprise scenes witnessed, personal memories and quotations from painting and the cinema. His pictures are like time-fragments, snatches of life saved from oblivion in which interplay of transparency and colors, with the presence of unexpected objects and situations. The picture thus becomes the point of an eclectic convergence of the observed and the known, of memory and the imagination.