June 2012

The July exhibition at Soho Photo Gallery will present the 34 winners of its 17th Annual National Photography Competition, as juried by photographer Forrest Old on Thursday, July 5th.The exhibition will also feature work from guest Shoot4Change, a global network of volunteer photographers who work to raise public awareness about social issues.From July 5 through August 4, you can view the winning photos as well as other exhibitions at the gallery.

If portraiture has historically meant a close scrutiny of a face to reveal the personality within, it might be worthwhile to consider how our notion of a face is transformed by its perpetual digitization, which allows for serial replication, morphing, and alteration, all the while presumed to possess some meaningful or authentic link to its referent. Check out “Archival Portraits” at Carriage Trade opening Friday, June 29, 6-8pm.

. . . Time (2011)
I do not know
If I have the time
To convey the meaning
Of every beat of my heart
The whisper of my soul
Nor the fire of my spirit

“[...] Where use of resources and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants are going down, not up; where the air and waterways are accessible and clean; where land is used efficiently and shared parks and public spaces are plentiful and easily visited; where people of different ages, income levels and cultural backgrounds share equally in environmental, social and cultural benefits; where many needs of daily life can be met within a 20-minute walk and all may be met within a 20-minute transit ride; where industry and economic opportunity emphasize healthy, environmentally sound practices.”

The Fireworks Cruise (Wednesday, July 4th) will be a guaranteed celebration with family and friends from a vantage point that few ever get to experience. Depart from historic South Street Seaport, and sail past landmarks of the New York City downtown skyline on perhaps one of the most historic days of the United States. As the city lights up for the night, you'll take your position in New York Harbor to celebrate Independence Day as the fireworks explode in bursts of astounding color. . . over 120,000 fireworks from around the world!

The Art of Intelligence is part of our ongoing series committed to providing a venue for the creative talents among our Intelligence professionals who work to make our lives safer— and, whose families are often in need of assistance. You may contribute to those currently serving our country or to the families of fallen heroes at https://www.afio.com/donations.htm.

The lime green umbrellas and tables are back, and SoHo residents have been curious as to when the gates of LentSpace (just west of Duarte Square) will be open. So far the answer is 11am - 3pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, with food trucks in attendance to give those tables some purpose.

The New York Public Library needs your help to stop a proposed $43 million city budget cut. It takes just seconds to make a donation or sign a letter urging elected officials to reverse the harshest cut in NYPL's history and help preserve vital Library services.  Speak up for Jefferson Market Library NOW!

Last week, faith leaders took their voices and congregations to New York City Hall in Albany, requesting the state's minimum raised by $1.25, coming to $8.50/hour. Yesterday, they received insult atop injury. New York State lawmakers are now moving to raise their own base salaries— over $20,000! Faith leaders will gather on the steps of NYC's City Hall, Wednesday at 3pm to call out this hypocritical position.

Sal Polisi owns a wood carving shop at the foot of Pier 15.  Last year, Sal was told by the City (NYC Economic Development Corp.) that his shop would be relocated underneath the FDR Drive, in close proximity to its current location. Apparently this offer has been rescinded, and he is now facing eviction. The Seaport Committee of Community Board 1 will meet tonight, Tuesday, June 19th, and Sal’s plight will be on the agenda. Please come down and speak on Sal’s behalf, or just show your support by being present.

The 2nd Annual NYC Women's Empowerment Networking Summit is  a one-day Networking conference designed for all women, young and old, to meet and share best practices, stories of success, and experiences both personal and professional. The goal of the summit is to Create New Bridges and a wider awareness of political, social and economic causes, in order to help other women reach their full potential in life.  Saturday, June 23rd starting from 10am to 4pm.

The Losers Lounge, an ongoing series that takes pop culture cheese and spins it into solid gold entertainment, returns to Joe’s Pub on Thursday, June 21st at 7pm. The groups mission: to canonize the music of Sonny & Cher into the “New American Songbook.”