Looking for a family fun evening?  Bring the brood to the Children's Museum of Art's 16th Annual Family Benefit, Paintbrushes in Paradise: An Artistic Hawaiian Luau. Join the CMA's traditional Hawaiian Luau, complete with dancing music, and food, to benefit CMA’s community outreach programs.  Taking place on Friday, May 14th from 4 PM – 8 PM, the evening will feature entertainment by Josh Cho & The Hawaiian Dreams Band and Polynesian Dance Productions. Families are encouraged to dress up and will have the opportunity to create traditional headpieces, learn a hula dance, and make tiki masks.

Never have we met a better ringmaster than Mark Demaio. His mind has always teetered between genius and perverse, so it’s no surprise Demaio’s works do too. Colorful and whimsical with hauntingly dark undertones, Demaio playfully explores the frightening and absurd in the seemingly innocent. His subjects— goblins, dolls, and circus freaks— are the most shocking of oddities, and yet surprisingly beguiling. They almost always smile, but never without an air of sadness. Catch Demaio’s latest show featuring works from his “Absurd Notions” series at VIG27 with the opening reception on May 13th and you will not only get brownie points from us but be privy to a fantastic performance by Corey Tut. It will be a blast!  

Curated by Ruben Natal- San Miguel, “The Naked Truth” is a photographic and video visual survey of 50 years of voyeurism, nudity and sex. From Bert Stern's Marilyn Monroe ''Last Sitting'' in 1962 to the Jen Davis’s Skype/Webcam series in 2010 the exhibit celebrates years and years of the risqué. It’s opening May 13, 2010 at Hous Projects Gallery. Sex… I mean see you there!!

The power of an attentive hand is ages old, but here has a peculiar contemporariness. These images not only represent our world as it looks today, but also reflect our current technological tools for image-gathering and our specific ways of combining old and new. How we see has changed as much as what we see, so even the basic art tools (pencil, oil paint) have new jobs to do to reestablish their validity.

Urgent!! Urgent!! Check out Shepard Fairey’s exhibition “Mayday” at Dietch Projects opening Satuday May 1stNot only detailing a distress signal, “Mayday” represents rebirth and also is observed in many countries as an International Worker’s Day. All of these themes are vibrant in Fairey’s collection of portraits of artists, musicians, and political activists that he most admires. 

Explore poet Poe through the tales of historian Dr. Gary Hermalyn, executive director of the Bronx County Historical Society. He’ll be presenting tonight at NYU from 6-7 PM.  Dr. Hermalyn will discuss the famous American writer's final years (1846 -1849) spent in a simple frame cottage in Fordham village, which today is a part of the Bronx. Poe Cottage, built ca. 1812, is a historic house museum famous for being the location where Poe wrote such works as "The Bells," "Eureka," "Annabel Lee," and "The Cask of Amontillado."


The New York Academy of Art boasts one of the finest MFA programs in the country and here’s your chance to see why. On Friday, April 23rd the Academy will be opening its doors to the New York Community to allow us to see what an emerging artist’s workspace really looks like. There will be over a 100 artists including faculty, students, and alumni will be present to discuss their work and the Academy’s programs in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Take the tour and learn why its called a Masters of Fine Arts. 


Since its creation in 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency has held the responsibility of providing our Federal Government information to sustain our country’s safety and well being. With such a vital role, it seems astounding that the agency along with other intelligence groups in our government are essentially made up of just a handful of operatives, ordinary people. These folks must be highly intelligent with a shrewdness to ensure their survival and the protection of American secrets. Their successes must be clandestine and their thoughts concealed— well mostly. It often comes as a surprise (though why should it) that these brilliant few are often artists, painters, writers and poets. And they have stories to tell.

The days when bohemians sat in Fanelli’s sipping whisky and discussing art and politics, (still our main theme here at SoHo Journal Magazine) may be gone but our Woody Allen like fascination hasn’t ended and at times the streets feel the same as they did; very early on a Saturday morning or very late on a Thursday night the ghosts of modern thinkers and revolutionaries still haunt the ragged cobblestones.  Fortunately for us a handful of the original renegades still remain and we were lucky enough to pin them down for a chat about how things used to be! As part of an ongoing series we chatted with oldtimers Jim Stratton, Penelope Grill, and Mimi Smith about the glory days.

Want to see toothsome people in sticky situations? Ahhh, caught your attention. Well attend the SMOOTH HOTEL fashion/art show on Monday, May 3rd from 6 to 8 PM. It features Barbara Nitke’s photographs of provocative people misbehaving in anonymous hotel settings in collaboration with New York fashion designers Tom and Linda Platt. Opening night will feature smooth drinks and Nitke's models, overdressed at the bar in their photo wardrobe. Sexy. 

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