“Best in Show” is on view through March 31st at Chelsea Market. Photographer Dolly Faibyshev’s series “Best in Show" isolates surreal moments at professional dog shows.

The first solo New York exhibition of Misha Friedman’s photographic project "PHOTO51 – Is Corruption in Russia’s DNA?" is on display through March 2nd. The exhibition explores the painful reality of the modern Russian state, where corruption, in its various manifestations, has pervaded the daily lives of common citizens and the ruling elites alike. Today, when the political tensions are once again rising between the United States and the Russian Federation, Friedman’s arresting photography takes us on a journey from extortionate luxury to utter misery that exist side by side in Russian urban centers, industrial wastelands, and rural regions.

Creating sets within series, stories across drawings, sculptures out of characters, and settings from paintings, the poet and artist Paul D'Agostino employs narrative relationships within and throughout his works that are sometimes in opposition to each other, sometimes complementary. "Twilit Ensembles," a solo exhibition of his new paintings, drawings, sculptures and collages go on exhibit March 3rd.

Anna Plesset’s first solo show in New York is on exhibition through February 24th. On Plesset’s stage the distinctions between creator, maker, and imitator collapse as the past is grafted onto the present. The resulting space is that of a fiction – one in which the boundaries between reality and illusion are blurred and their unstable relationship to history, memory, and perception examined.

Join us on Thursday, January 24th, for an experience in The Museum of Emotions as we bring scenes from Bill Hayward's film asphalt, muscle and bone to life. Laura Isaacman, editor of The Coffin Factory, discusses art, literature, and film with Bill Hayward, whose photographs are the main art feature in issue four of The Coffin Factory

Beat Memories presents an in-depth look at the Beat generation as seen through the lens of visionary American writer Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997). Although well known for his poetry, Ginsberg was also an avid photographer. He captured the people and places around him in spontaneous, often intimate snapshots. The exhibition, opening on January 15th, features 94black-and-white photographs, including portraits of figures such as William S.Burroughs, Neal Cassady, Gregory Corso, and Jack Kerouac, along with self-portraits.

In this exhibition opening on January 24th, James Drosnes takes iconic photographs, often from the news media, and re-imagines them in his own design, while keeping enough of the original images for them to be familiar

In honor of Pratt Institute's 125th anniversary, the renowned NYC art, design and architecture school presents 125 Icons, an exhibition on display through January 19th.  The show features 125 works produced by the school's top-notch faculty and alumni. Robert Mapplethorpe, Stefan Sagmeister, Betsey Johnson and Martin Landau are among the esteemed alumni featured, in various genres including illustration, advertising, architecture, industrial design, film and fashion.

Spend an evening on January 22, with Richard Kostelanatz whose role since the late 60s has been one of artist, instigator, assembler and author/editor of almost one hundred books, including the monumental Dictionary of the Avant-garde. His poems and experimental prose explore the radical limits of language, and the relationship between the visual and verbal, and he has worked with various other media, including photographs, film, video, audio and installation. Not to be missed

Masterworks: Jewels of the Collection will be on display at the Rubin Museum of Art through January 7th. The stylistic diversity and relationships between various strands of Himalayan and neighboring cultural and artistic traditions are represented by important works of art spanning a period of over one thousand years

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