‘Come Closer’ is an exhibition that takes the Bowery as subject, site, and center for creative ingenuity in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Drawing upon the New Museum’s Bowery Artist Tribute archive and the online archive of Marc H. Miller, this exhibition, which will close on December 30th, features original artwork, ephemera, and performance documentation by over fifteen artists who lived and worked on or near the Bowery in New York. 

Rime and Toper are teaming up to have an art exhibition in New York called ‘Dangerous Drawings About New York.’ The title of the show speaks for itself on what you can expect to see from the two. The show will have an opening reception on December 15th, and will run until January 1st. "Snap Back” will feature illustrations and paintings that integrate elements of the artists’ past experiences living in New York City, and each piece is inspired by a personal story.

While the subject of the family has often been approached within art and portraiture in ways that either emphasize its traditional nature or attempt to counteract this tradition with challenges to its conservative reputation, the emphasis of the exhibition "Family Portrait" is on the manner in which the family’s image has been constructed and maintained over time, and how this might influence the shaping of the political and social spheres of everyday life.

Artists find inspiration in lots of different places. Chelsea sculptor Melissa Stern takes her inspiration from smart phones and Sigmund Freud. "The Talking Cure” takes its name from Freud’s original description of psychoanalysis. The art show, through December 20, consists of twelve Stern sculptures, each with an interactive audio track created by a literary collaborator.

What’s that I hear? The spooky sounds of Ghosts… Goblins… & Ghouls! Though hurricane Sandy may have delayed the festivities, Halloween will still be enjoyed! On Saturday, November 17th head over the Children’s Museum of the Arts and pick up your New York University & Community Board 2 Children’s Halloween Parade treat bag filled with goodies. Each child will receive one treat bag, while supplies last.

Klughaus Gallery is proud to present "Keys To The City," a solo exhibition featuring recent works by Jurne. Striking a delicate balance between contemporary abstract design, calligraphy and traditional graffiti letterform, Jurne’s artwork is a seamless combination of timeless and modern. “Keys To The City” will showcase the acclaimed graffiti writer Jurne’s transition from large-scale exterior work to fine art. 

Matthew Stone will be presenting his second solo exhibition at The Hole this November 10th.  "Love Focused Like a Laser" highlights a new series of wall-based works created using computer controlled engraving and a new form of photography that captures moving bodies lit only with lasers. These pieces are part of Stone's continuing explorations of the body and spirituality in our contemporary experience, promoting an optimistic reimagining of human potential.

Grab yo' masks and grab yo' capes! Lose your secret identity and enter the covert lair of Gotham's most heroic haunted townhouse.  At the Superheroes & Villains Halloween Party show off your super power and features music, open bar, and unlimited food. All while supporting a fantastic cause! Saturday, October 27th.

Joe Grillo presents his first American solo exhibition at downtown arts hub The Hole. The artist, known for his work in the trippy arts collective Dearraindrop, uses swaths of neon colors, cartoonish characters and a startling variety of patterns and shapes to unnerving effect. If his previous work is any indication, this latest show ought to be a full-on Day-Glo assault. 

Learn from each other at this facilitated peer-to-peer resource-sharing meet-up. After breaking into groups, artists each get two minutes to present the specific challenge they are trying to meet. The rest of the group brainstorms on that problem for eight minutes. The facilitator keeps time and keeps the conversation on track.  October 25th.

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