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AiOP’s ninth annual public art and performance festival will take place October 11th through the 20th along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River. This year’s theme is "numbers"—shape shifters, disciplined yet volatile, precise yet electric.  The 30 odd artists in this year’s edition explore the restrictions and buoyancies in the everyday performance of numbers in our lives. As these artists excavate the meaning, mobility and malleability of our daily numbers – their growth, concentration, spiraling, fluctuations, tactility and repetitive resonance – they make visible the mundane and magical ways in which numbers link places, events and people. 

Jeanette Mundt’s exhibit consists of two separate but overlapping bodies of work: paintings in space and paintings of space.Compiled as a unit within the framework of a replicated interior space, we see a female figure, rended from the real, acknowledging her own detachment while still utilizing the paraphernalia of her fantasy. On view through October 19th.

The sweet and sour anticipation is finally over and at long last, Lower East Side Pickle Day will be returning to the ‘hood on Sunday, October 27th to cover Orchard Street in brine-soaked goodness

On October 20th, CMA is pleased to partner with NYC Audubon to offer a bird call workshop designed for all ages.  The exhibition 'Tweet' asks us to pause, reflect, and remember a simple act that is available to everyone. Look around you, enjoy nature, and see the birds. All the artworks included in Tweet come from a similar starting point – that of careful observation of nature, specifically of birds.

Sylvie is sent to the backyard to hang up the laundry. The moment her back is turned, a mischievous squirrel steals her favorite piece of clothing and runs off. When Sylvie gives chase, an entire world emerges from her laundry basket, and curious characters show her the way through mysterious lands. November 16th & 17th at the Ellen Stewart Theatre. 

"Women or Nothing" about two women so desperate to have a child that one of them will even sleep with a man.  Who the man is, what he thinks is going on, what the women think about what he thinks, and what the mother of one of the women reveals about her own colorful past—it all defies belief. Why then does it all make sense? Extended through October 13th.

The season at the Poets House opens Thursday, September 26 with an extraordinary evening of readings and reflections from Rosmarie Waldrop, award-winning innovator in poetry, translation, and publishing for over 50 years.

Come join quirky author and composer Michael Hearst, alongside his band, on a musical adventure on Sunday, September 29th. Learn about some of the planet’s most bizarre animals and their families through the use of some pretty oddball instruments, and video projections.

SMASH! Self-Defense is offering a free class, every Tuesday, from Shamburger's CHKA (Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy) East Village Martial Arts school.  Get in great shape, learn to kick some butt & have fun doing it! The instructors are professional, and women 14 and older may attend as often as they like. 

Klompching Gallery and Ffotogallery present at Aperture a talk and book signing with British artist Helen Sear on September 15th.