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From 1886, Webster Hall was known to many as The Devil's Playground. This Halloween, 128 years later, the Devil rises to dance amongst the people for one very special night ... Webster Hell 2013. 
The night begins at the most famous Halloween parade on the planet - NYC's 40th annual Halloween Parade. Witness Webster Hall's Zombie Rave Halloween float spectacle, mounted by a horrifying group of gyrating, lustful zombies and undead DJs as it emanates throbbing bass and transports an epically hellish party-on-wheels through the belly of NYC.

On Saturday, November 16th, Rafael Risemberg will lead the gay & lesbian tour. The tour will feature exhibits completely different from previous gay & lesbian tours. Founder/ director Risemberg, Ph.D. is a former gay studies professor and art critic for the NY Blade, and he scours Chelsea’s 300 galleries for the most interesting and provocative exhibits by LGBT artists. 

It's the fifth annual PhantasmaGOREY Victorian Halloween Ball, and, for one night only, One Hanover Square will transform into a Victorian haunted mansion in an elegantly deranged celebration of all things whimsical, dark, and Edward Gorey.

NYC10 is a unique dance show. The next show on October 23, provides opportunities to 10 emerging dance companies to showcase their work (up to 10 minutes each) and receive feedback and reviews

The Mount Vernon carriage house, constructed in 1799, is one of those rare city gems that endures in spite of the rising buildings around it.  Especially for City kids, Mount Vernon possesses a historic authenticity that only a few places in New York can claim.  This Friday, the museum is opening its doors to welcome families for a candlelit museum tour and spooky storytelling by Gerald Fierst, the 2003 featured ghost storyteller at the International Storytelling Center.

Don your Halloween finest for this year’s eco-friendly celebration onOctober 27th! Play old favorites like “Bobbin’ for Apples” and “Pin a Face on the Pumpkin,” create earth-friendly art projects, and join large-scale wandering puppets, in an experience designed and constructed by local artists and craftsmen.

At long last. We are thrilled to be able to tell you that Postmasters’ long awaited new space will be opening in Tribeca on Saturday, October 19th. The inaugural exhibitions are Milk Fruit by MONICA COOK, a show of recent sculptures, and The Snow Leopard by STEVE MUMFORD, a show of drawings made in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and an artists' talk will proceed opening receptions.

Set in a purgatory cell the day after the protagonist’s death, For the Sins I Can Remember, opening on October 4th, is a devised, absurdist portrait of the women of the American Victorian Era who chose to work as prostitutes. Inspired by the letters of prostitute Maimie Pinzer and the world of Brechtian farce, the piece illuminates a woman’s march across the fires of morality, love, and femininity. 

On October 19th, Vít Horejš and his marionettes tell favorite Czech stories he learned in his home town, Prague, from his father and grandmother.For fifty years, a troupe of antique marionettes was confined to a dusty closet at Jan Hus Church, in the heart of New York’s Czechoslovak neighborhood. Discovered by Vít Horejš, Czechoslovak storyteller, author, and puppeteer, the 24-inch century-old masterpieces of Czech puppet makers have since brought joy to thousands of spectators young and old.

AiOP’s ninth annual public art and performance festival will take place October 11th through the 20th along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River. This year’s theme is "numbers"—shape shifters, disciplined yet volatile, precise yet electric.  The 30 odd artists in this year’s edition explore the restrictions and buoyancies in the everyday performance of numbers in our lives. As these artists excavate the meaning, mobility and malleability of our daily numbers – their growth, concentration, spiraling, fluctuations, tactility and repetitive resonance – they make visible the mundane and magical ways in which numbers link places, events and people.