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Join the Preservation Resource Center at the Top of the Standard for Jazzed in January! On January 12th, celebrate the continued rebirth of one of the most culturally rich cities in the country by joining chairs Alexa Georges, Greg Morey, Holly Sharp Snodgrass, and Karen Solomon for an evening to remember.

In his twelfth solo show at the Feldman Gallery, Edwin Schlossberg will exhibit a series of new paintings that combine stenciled text and abstract images on aluminum panels. In “Beneath Suddenly,” Schlossberg investigates patterns of perception by refracting the visual field with reflective surfaces created from Scotchlite and dust of lapis lazuli, ruby, and silver.

Critically acclaimed, Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War details an alternate global history, the cold war was decided not by détente, not by nuclear holocaust, but by massive robot invasion. Among the survivors, a team of Russian radio hosts, warmed to a lost culture of 1950s Americana, broadcast a story of brothers’ love drawn straight from the American heartland. Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War combines 1950s radio drama, vintage country music, and Soviet science in a sci-fi surrealist War of the Worlds meets A Prairie Home Companion examination of American nostalgia.

Perhaps you think of yourself as an aficionado, an oenophile, or a wine geek, or, maybe you just need a lesson in wine 101.  Well then, the Chelsea Wine Vault has the class for you. Wether you want to start a collection or learn how to pronounce 'Mourvèdre,' they'll expose you to some of the world’s best wines for you to drink and discuss, including well-aged bottles and best bets for longevity. 


Looking for a kid friendly New Years bash?  Madame Tussaud's infamous wax museum will have a offer something (or someone) for everyone. With a live dj, an open bar (for the elders), and enough teen pop stars to keep your kids entertained all evening.  

In the 1800’s Charles Dickens came through the neighborhood where the Canal Park Playhouse is situated, telling a brand new story of Bob Cratchet and Ebeneezer Scrooge. 200 years later, some think the ghost of Dickens has come back to share his story with us and some think actor Jimmy Kieffer has channeled his spirit to tell this holiday tale. See the show and decide for yourself.

Oh, how we love the holidays!  Celebrate the Season with family bonding and deliscous gingerbread at Taste Buds cooking classes.  Bring your kid, and work together to decorate your very own gingerbread house. And, enjoy the cheerful holiday tunes as they experience quality parent/child time. Fa la la la la....

Sample Sales are the best place to find high quality items at major discounts.  Check out all the sales this season!

Jeff Muhs and Arlene Slavin will be exhibiting in the 11th Annual Red Show at the

I dream... the bus arrives at my stop every night, emerging through rain and fog.
Each time I enter, they are all there. Every one. Always.
They sit quietly on either side of the aisle as I pass.
Their eyes look only at me, each in its own way.

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