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We will all reflect upon the horrors of 9/11. Who cannot see this monumental Shakespearean tragedy for the drama, human sorrow, and murderous evil it revealed? Perhaps a quiet reflection on a similar time, some years ago, may help us understand this in some perspective.

Kiteya will be hosting an exhibition by the Japanese beads artists mother and daughter duo, Hideko and Yasuko Taniwa from Friday, September 9th through Thursday, September 22nd. This will be their first U.S. exhibition. Hideko, the mother, has been a master of her craft for a long time, and has recently been featuring 3-D beads art, which will be shown in this exhibition. The daughter, Yasuko, specializes in natural stone power jewelry, one-of-a-kind work of art.

As part of our “Art of Intelligence” series we have been collecting poems, prose, art and more from former and current intelligence officers. The following poem is written by John W. Davis, an Intelligence Officer with the US Army.

They are historians of contemporary culture. They are infamous and insightful, funny and profane provocateurs who will resort to fist-fighting if required. They are: Max Blagg, Jim Feast, Susan Scutti, Ron Kolm, Jack Boulware, Chavisa Woods, steve dalachinsky and Clayton Patterson. Hosted by Jody Weiner.

This Summer NURTUREart opens its doors to artists, curators and neighboring galleries, lending them a copy of the gallery keys and allowing them to use the exhibition space (and its roof) for a series of weekly exhibitions, performances, workshops and events. Organized by Gallery Director Marco Antonini, this hybrid between art festival, short-term residency program and neighborhood jamboree is a honest statement of identification with the people that make our community. This round runs September 1st - 5th.  Get ready to be a part of it!

Little Explorers is a drop-in program for children at the Rubin Museum of Art. For the last class in this ongoing series, your little one will complete the jungle collection with jungle animals and passport stamps. You can even print a stamp on a magnet to bring home.

Big City Fishing is an important tradition at Hudson River Park. This free program gives anyone the chance to fish from June to Labor Day, and is appropriate and fun for those as young as five. Also, the program also provides participants with a first hand opportunity to learn about the Hudson River environment.

Looking for a place to rock out?  Look no further than Craigslist!  Posted last week, weekly in Brooklyn and Manhattan Frank Green Eyez is hosting an open mic night.  Finally an oportunity to live out your superstar dreams outside of your usual karayoke lounge.  Underground? Check.

Wanna watch classic films and picnic with fellow New Yorkers? Then head to Bryant Park’s annual Summer Film Festival. Every Monday at sunset (typically between 8 & 9 PM), Bryant Park hosts an iconic film on it’s large Lawn Area. Tonight's feature: Dirty Harry.

Take off on a trip back in time on a journey through the central part of Greenwich Village, and then into the old Italian section of SoHo. As we explore this section of the Village, you will discover a counter cultural paradise once enjoyed by bohemians, beatniks, artists, and folk singers. Relish in the rich and varied history of this vibrant and intriguing neighborhood as the story of its past and present unfolds before you.

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