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Open every Saturday in December leading up to Christmas, The December Store is the curatorial initiative of Vanessa Albury and Sörine Anderson. Inspired by the pop-up store of the Fluxus era and the notion that everyone should be able to afford to own art, the curators have assembled works by 50 NYC-based artists ranging from writers to international curators, filmmakers to bookmakers, poets to perfumers, and bakers to painters.

Major: “Regrettable, Herr Altmann, regrettable. I’m afraid they just don’t understand.”

Altmann: “No, they don’t. How could they. They were never soldiers like we were.”

Major: “Certain accommodations always had to be made.”

Our favorite sex shop once again proves that they know how to be naughty and nice.  Check out what holiday treats Babeland has in store this year!

Featuring LAVA's signature combination of acrobatics and visual art, set to live and sampled music, the 8 strong women of LAVA will lead audiences on a journey through 360 degrees of space using every direction and means imaginable--walking on hands, soaring on wheels, dodging negative space and creating a literal human compass.

The New York Botanical Garden's annual Holiday Train Show has become a cherished seasonal tradition for families not just in New York, but across the country.  Through January 9, 2011.

The Nutcracker in a nutshell has always been snippets of memories of wooden toys and sugarplum fairies. I’m sure I’ll remember the Nutcracker: Rated R in very much the same way… except replace wooden toys with dildos and sugarplum fairies with “blow-fairies.” Ah, how we’ve evolved. If you love the ballet and are prepared for your new Nutcracker snippets to include the best of 1980’s punk, clouds of cocaine, pervert uncles, and oh yes, Firecrotch then this is the production for you!

By weaving hip hop, modern, and ballet together with an intriguing new perspective, this classic is sure to delight audiences of all ages and introduce every generation to The Nutcracker anew. Snowflakes, sugarplums, and a grand pas de duex will capture your heart as they have since childhood, while contemporary choreography makes Peridance's Nutcracker unlike any you've seen before!

The Museum at FIT presents The Great Designers, Part One, the first of two consecutive exhibitions featuring masterpieces from the museum’s permanent collection of more than 50,000 garments and accessories. From Alaïa, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Dior to Westwood, Yeohlee, and Zoran, the exhibition will feature approximately 50 garments from many of the most important designers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Scene: A Testifier seated at a large wooden table before a microphone. He gives testimony to a formal hearing.

Testifier: Yes Senator, that is correct. The United States Army Intelligence helped certain Nazi officers at the end of the war.

“Jay Leonhart and Friends… It Don’t Mean A Thing…” performs the music of Duke Ellington and beyond, as well as original music, such as a special musical piece commemorating the great jazz bassist Milt Hinton. This concert celebrates the 20th year anniversary of the Milt Hinton Jazz Series at Baruch College. A special reception follows the concert for the audience.

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