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The issue of luxury development replacing entire neighborhoods in the city has become one of the most critical debates in post-9/11 New York, and something that we at the SoHo Journal take seriously.

It’s Friday. You could go to the bar and get trashed with your co-workers and then wake up feeling like lukewarm mud has replaced your brain, or you could visit the Open Center and see what they have to offer. They have been offering classes in nearly every aspect of self help and new age, eastern and western spiritualities for years now. Visit their site to take a look at all that they have to offer. And your brain will thank you if you skip the booze and stop by the Open Center tonight to learn more about these areas right here:

There is a lot of history in Chatham Square. Seven streets converge in the spot originally named for the Prime Minister of Great Britain right before the American Revolution.

More city Democrats will be seeking the unglamorous positions of Comptroller and Public Advocate than Mayor this year. The reason is fairly obvious. Democrats will fill the two non-mayoral offices. But standing in front of City Hall this fall will be Daddy Warbucks and his $60 million bankroll, his candidacy due to the dispensation granted him by the City Council.

Can’t make it to DC? Or maybe you just dislike standing in the freezing cold for hours, no matter how momentous the occasion? We hear ya. Here are three places offering local celebrations on Inauguration Day:


419 W. 13th Street

Street Tribe is a show featuring the work of Kano (local boy made good) and Jesse Hernandez (Bay Area contender).

Most of us want to see Bush leave the White House yesterday, not a week from yesterday. His time as our president is something we’d like to forget, but that would be a mistake; we don’t want his errors to be repeated. Some awareness is needed. Yes, indeed—serious, sober reflection is called for in these final days.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, China on Broadway presents Soul of Shaolin at the Marquis Theatre. It tells the story of a young boy who is separated from his mother in the midst of war.

“Magic Passion Love Project” is an ongoing project of Trickydame Productions that shares, promotes and creates products and events to help others manifest their own personal Magic Passion Love (MPL).

Thanks to 9/11 Environmental Action for the heads up.