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 Daniel Squadron shines as he seeks to protect rent-regulated tenants and the Transgender Rights community.

Below is a press release from the offices of State Senator Daniel Squadron:



 A Warning for us Downtown. Public Parkland may soon be for sale.


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 Below is a press release from A.G. Schneiderman:


Brad Hoylman's a busy guy. Makes you wonder what his next political move will be. That there will be one is certain.

Below is a press release from State Senator Brad Hoylman:


 Below is a press release from Andrew Berman:


 Despite the ubiquitous Public Relations ploy regarding older prisoners currently incarcerated, like the description of how the New York State prison population has been dropping, we have here a report from Comptroller DiNapoli himself.  


The following article was originally posted on on March 29th, 2017.

Why should we care if the State Department budget will be cut 37 percent? What if I told you an ongoing international program to defeat online radical extremism was introduced to the United States through a little known State Department program coordinated here in Alabama? 

Senator Squadron has proved to be one of the most vigorous supporters of issues that affect Downtown voters. In addition to gender politics he has been a tireless advocate of rent-stabilized and rent-controlled housing. If the City Council were truly paying attention, as we hope Albany is, many affordable housing units would saved by virtue of simply preventing landlord fraud and abuse.  


Below is a press release from the office of Daniel Squadron.


 For those of you in SoHo who are concerned with Transgender rights and equal protection, including the rights of seniors and tenants, stay in touch with Brad Hoylman's office. 

Community activists know a thing or two. The High Line was all the rage despite community opposition, like Trump SoHo (which was supposed to be a condo-hotel) in Hudson Square, by the way. Here's an example of "I told you so" that draws lots of tourists for Chelsea, but does little for the residents. Perhaps, the City Council's recent enactment of tougher laws on landlord abuse will help our affordable housing crisis -- another issue that residents have been screaming about for years.