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Posteritati, in association with its friends & neighbours, Animal Haven presents Best In Show, a new exhibition of canine and feline movie posters to kick off with a special opening event on Thursday, October 22 from 6 to 8pm, where Posteritati will hold a mini-auction to benefit Animal Haven. Four posters will be sold to the highest bidder with no reserve and all funds will go to Animal Haven.

According to researcher and writer Rhett Butler, who runs the critically acclaimed website,, tropical rainforests are incredibly rich ecosystems that play a key role in the basic functioning of the planet. They help maintain the climate by regulating atmospheric gases and stabilizing rainfall, and provide many other important ecological functions.

Those of you who read my column in the Spring issue know I’m not talking about some new super vitamin but rather the gathering storm of negative economic forces that I believe will, in spite of government interventions, result in a pernicious and long-lasting mega depression. The dreaded hyperdeflation.

Our esteemed writer Ed Gold, of the SoHo Journal Exclusive 'PURE GOLD' column has been ill and not able to supply our readers with his usual wit and wisdom.  Ed is also a beloved member of his community and dutifully serves on Community Board #2.  He appreciates the calls and cards he has received, and while not yet up for visitors Ed assures us that he has very good care at home.  We miss you Ed, and wish for your speedy recovery!

This turned out to be the summer that never happened in the Hamptons. Between the rain, cool temperatures and lowered expectations, many local businesses that do not serve alcohol suffered. Even restaurants suffered. Beaches were often empty. At times, it was actually quite pleasant not to be buzzed by Porches and Bentley’s trying to find a parking spot at Roger’s Pavilion in Westhampton Beach.

Why are bed bugs a big issue right now? Where do they come from and what real harm do they do? Are there non-toxic ways of dealing with them? 

Both introduced on September 17th, 2009, two new amendments to existing laws regarding park concessions and conservancies.  Written by Council Member Nelson, park concessions would have specific boundaries indicated on the map of a park. And by Councils Member Mark-Viverito and Avella, the second amendment would ensure that at least one member on the board of directors of a park conservancy resides within the city council district of the park.

As I understand it, hair salons are pretty toxic enterprises on many counts. Are there any efforts underway to green up that industry?        

NEW YORK – City Council candidate Margaret Chin today endorsed Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate and John Liu for Comptroller. Chin recently won a hard fought primary for the Democratic nomination against an incumbent Council Member in District 1, which includes Chinatown and lower Manhattan.

Downtowners have been fighting the City about the proposed “garbage garage” and salt shed for almost two years now.  Well finally (and thankfully) the community has unified, and proposed an alternative plan.  Realize Hudson Rise is “a community-based solution to where to locate the sanitation facility as well as providing public access to the space that balances the public’s fair share of the burden with a fair share of public amenities.”