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NEW YORK – City Council candidate Margaret Chin today endorsed Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate and John Liu for Comptroller. Chin recently won a hard fought primary for the Democratic nomination against an incumbent Council Member in District 1, which includes Chinatown and lower Manhattan.

Downtowners have been fighting the City about the proposed “garbage garage” and salt shed for almost two years now.  Well finally (and thankfully) the community has unified, and proposed an alternative plan.  Realize Hudson Rise is “a community-based solution to where to locate the sanitation facility as well as providing public access to the space that balances the public’s fair share of the burden with a fair share of public amenities.”

As wildfires consume parts of California larger than some smaller states, everyone is talking about how we can prevent such disasters from getting going in the first place. One novel approach is to enlist goats. Not as firefighters—although their surefootedness and determination would probably serve them well in such situations—but as grazers to keep the forest underbrush clear of the tinder-like grasses, bushes and small trees that allow flames to jump to the higher forest canopy and get further spread by the wind.

Margaret Chin has deep roots in the district, having lived and worked in the district for over 4 decades. She also had the backing of CODA (the Coalition for a District Alternative) the political group which helped put a number of elected officials into office, including Councilwoman Rosie Mendez. In addition, she was endorsed by the major downtown newspapers, the Villager and the Downtown Express.  

In the sea of New York restaurants Lusso is no big fish.  It’s a small corner joint, on a small block, in a (relatively) small neighborhood.  But that’s not to say it doesn’t stand out. Having just opened in January of 2009, Lusso jumped in to muddy waters, with constant whispers of economic doom.  However first time Owner Michael Carpinillo exhibited an intelligence in his choices that works superbly well.  Lusso has a lot of charm...  

"Pete Gleason has no issue with the good things the incumbent, Alan Gerson, has done. What he has issue with is that enough wasn’t done. The planning for schools was dismal, the WTC site is a mess with not even a memorial, light manufacturing jobs were kicked out as rampant over-development came in.  While one City Council person cannot be responsible for all of this, we need a councilperson who will take responsibility and is up front and fighting."

Is it true that environmental non-profits have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and has this had an impact on their effectiveness?

Gloria Steinem reads her "Top 10 Reasons for voting for Cy Vance" at a "Women for Cy" rally in Washington Square Park yesterday. Other speakers included Betsy Gotbaum, Jessica Lappin, April Tyler, & Marion Rice.


We will not forget.  Remember September 11th 2001 by viewing "Toward a Common Morality," a symposium analyzing the amazing human spirit.



The New York Daily News just endorsed Eric Gioia for Public Advocate! Out of all the other candidates, the Daily News recognized that Eric "has the clearest vision for using the office to get results."