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None of us can escape being bombarded by advertisements touting the health benefits of products lining the shelves of countless stores. The buzzwords, “Natural” preceded by “All” and “100%' even “Organic” are RIDDLED WITH LIES! Companies are jumping on the bandwagon of increased health consciousness and cleverly wording their packaging to dupe you into believing their claims are true.

Now that Hoylman has won the State Senate race, the hard part begins. What will his initiative do about the critical issues facing SoHo? Will affordable housing be preserved? WIll the abusive and retaliative landlord attacks on rent-stabilization and rent-control (with the assistance of the courts), be investigated and prosecuted? Will the remaining guerilla art, such as the Bob Bolles sculptures in “Sunflower Park”—which should be renamed “Bob Bolles Park”—be returned from Randall’s Island preserved?

Americans squander a lot of electricity keeping things lit up at night while most of us sleep. This light blocks our view of the night sky and stars, creates glare hazards on roads, messes with our circadian sleep-wake rhythms, interrupts the patterns of nocturnal wildlife, and is by and large annoying. It also takes a financial toll: The federally funded National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) reports that poorly-aimed, unshielded outdoor lights waste $2 billion (17.4 billion kilowatt-hours) of energy in the U.S. each year.

For those of you who have an involvement in the dangerous game of politics, it may be of interest to know who’s telling the truth these days, and, whether the articles we read are fact or disinformation, emanating directly out of governmental PR departments. No genuine journalist would ever rely on such sources for the truth. Many of the mainstream media writers will eat their own for sales, as well as take orders from their masters—corporate, financial and political masters. Thompson called them “pimps.”

Everyone is familiar with Antibiotics…but fewer people know about Probiotics. First, I’ll go into some definitions: ANTI means AGAINST. PRO means FOR.BIOTIC means LIFE. (As in the word, “Biology”)

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Kiss the Ring and You Will Succeed -HPN Blog, Vermont Trotter
In case you have never been involved in the process of bringing an innovative product to market, here’s how it works: First, you have to...

The opening ceremonies at the Olympics could have been a wondrous and respectful tribute to our courageous, gifted athletes. Instead, they marched in blue blazer/white pants outfits with Mr. Lauren s polo logo prominently featured. His mindless decision to use the Olympics as a way of publicizing his company is beyond contempt. I will never again see anything he designs or sells without being disgusted at his insensitive commercialism.

“[...] Where use of resources and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants are going down, not up; where the air and waterways are accessible and clean; where land is used efficiently and shared parks and public spaces are plentiful and easily visited; where people of different ages, income levels and cultural backgrounds share equally in environmental, social and cultural benefits; where many needs of daily life can be met within a 20-minute walk and all may be met within a 20-minute transit ride; where industry and economic opportunity emphasize healthy, environmentally sound practices.”

The New York Public Library needs your help to stop a proposed $43 million city budget cut. It takes just seconds to make a donation or sign a letter urging elected officials to reverse the harshest cut in NYPL's history and help preserve vital Library services.  Speak up for Jefferson Market Library NOW!

Last week, faith leaders took their voices and congregations to New York City Hall in Albany, requesting the state's minimum raised by $1.25, coming to $8.50/hour. Yesterday, they received insult atop injury. New York State lawmakers are now moving to raise their own base salaries— over $20,000! Faith leaders will gather on the steps of NYC's City Hall, Wednesday at 3pm to call out this hypocritical position.