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The Hudson Rise is an intelligent alternative solution to the “garbage garage” and salt shed that the City and the Department of Sanitation has proposed.  The plan would incorporate a two-district park on top of the space for the Sanitation Garage, satisfying the City while also converting it into something beneficial to the community and the environment.

NEW YORK – Public Advocate candidate Bill de Blasio will be endorsed
by the Democratic nominees for eight City Council seats at a press
conference tomorrow at 11AM on the steps of City Hall. At the event,
the future Councilmembers will join de Blasio in calling for new
leadership, active on the issues of today, to strengthen the Public
Advocate’s office and City government.

The Public School Advocacy Committee and Community Board #2 are rallying Thursday to convert the city owned building at 75 Morton Street into a new middle school.  The school would take the burden off other overcrowded city middle schools while servicing the community as well. 

NEW YORK – City Council candidate Margaret Chin will hold a press conference tomorrow in Chinatown to announce her endorsement of Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate and John Liu for Comptroller. Chin recently won a hard fought primary for the Democratic nomination against an incumbent Council Member in District 1, which includes Chinatown and lower Manhattan. 

Giovanni Galella's work might be described as abstract interpretations of historical and literary based  ideas, created with a free form energy that is often reminiscent of a few bars of jazz improv.

Freedom Week is a coalition of abolitionists working to raise awareness and fight modern day slavery by inspiring action and providing opportunities for advocacy. “Contemporary slavery can be abolished. It begins with one person investing in freedom.”

"Notable women in New York are strong supporters of Cy Vance.  He has been endorsed by Gloria Steinem, Caroline Kennedy and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum as well as many other prominent women who believe that Cy is the right choice for Manhattan District Attorney. On Sunday, women who support Cy will come out and speak to the reasons the Women of New York should vote for him." 

Manhattan DA candidate Richard Aborn will outline the closing argument of his campaign to voters at a press conference TODAY, September 10, at 1:00 pm at Supreme Court . Aborn will be joined by key supporters like former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and a surprise endorsement.

Planned Parenthood of New York City will rally on Saturday to support women’s health care.  “At a time when Congress should be expanding health care coverage; it's hard to believe some want to take away health care benefits from women…. [Let's] make it clear to Congress that women's reproductive health care and those who provide essential services must be part of any health care reform package.” 

Arthur Gregory is running for City Council in District 1 and would like to introduce himself.  He is a successful businessman and an experienced community activist interested in making education a priority and expediting the progress at the World Trade Center site.