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Freedom Week is a coalition of abolitionists working to raise awareness and fight modern day slavery by inspiring action and providing opportunities for advocacy. “Contemporary slavery can be abolished. It begins with one person investing in freedom.”

"Notable women in New York are strong supporters of Cy Vance.  He has been endorsed by Gloria Steinem, Caroline Kennedy and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum as well as many other prominent women who believe that Cy is the right choice for Manhattan District Attorney. On Sunday, women who support Cy will come out and speak to the reasons the Women of New York should vote for him." 

Manhattan DA candidate Richard Aborn will outline the closing argument of his campaign to voters at a press conference TODAY, September 10, at 1:00 pm at Supreme Court . Aborn will be joined by key supporters like former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and a surprise endorsement.

Planned Parenthood of New York City will rally on Saturday to support women’s health care.  “At a time when Congress should be expanding health care coverage; it's hard to believe some want to take away health care benefits from women…. [Let's] make it clear to Congress that women's reproductive health care and those who provide essential services must be part of any health care reform package.” 

Arthur Gregory is running for City Council in District 1 and would like to introduce himself.  He is a successful businessman and an experienced community activist interested in making education a priority and expediting the progress at the World Trade Center site.

Congressman Jerry Nadler will be holding a press conference to protest proposed post office closings on Thursday.  Joining the Congressman will be other local politicians and Community Board #2 members. 

What are you doing tonight?  Any plans?  Well here’s a suggestion:  Mix living with giving!   Attend Givology’s New York launch at Marquee and you’ll be taking fullest advantage of your Saturday Night.

Have you been jonesing for Las Vegas, but stuck spending the summer in the seedy pits of desperation that is the Hamptons?  (That was sarcasm.)  Well anyway, you’re in luck. 

Every week at the Quinn 2009 Campaign Headquarters, we will be calling  
women to urge them to support Chris. Each Wednesday there will be a  
special guest appearance by some of New York City's leading women, who  
will join us for a discussion about women and New York City politics  
and strategies for effective change.

Waggytail Rescue
is an outstanding non profit organization that rescues the dogs that even the City Shelters don’t have the recourses to rehabilitate.  They support their pups with the time, love and training necessary to heal wounds and bring out their inner companions.  More than that, Waggytail takes the considerable time to make sure that their dogs find the right owner, interviewing applicants in depth before adoptions.