2013 Art In Odd Places (AiOP)

AiOP’s ninth annual public art and performance festival will take place October 11th through the 20th along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River. This year’s theme is "numbers"—shape shifters, disciplined yet volatile, precise yet electric, singular yet collective, iconic yet generic, transparent yet slippery, cool yet momentous, restrictive yet buoyant. Transforming continually, they populate our daily life, clicking, ticking, cajoling, chastising, pressing and promising. From bank balances to checks and balances, votes to foreclosures, inflation to recession, pin numbers to alien registration numbers, rush hour to happy hour, statistics to demographics, lotteries to lucky numbers, dates to duties, they demand our continual attention, molding the experience of our everyday. How can artists respond to the numerologies of our time? 

The 30 odd artists in this year’s edition explore the restrictions and buoyancies in the everyday performance of numbers in our lives. As these artists excavate the meaning, mobility and malleability of our daily numbers – their growth, concentration, spiraling, fluctuations, tactility and repetitive resonance – they make visible the mundane and magical ways in which numbers link places, events and people.

A word about AiOP itself in this regard: organized from end to end by volunteers, it is galvanized by the imagination of artists whose participation is also voluntary. This collaborative model has repudiated the measures of the transactional, which as numbers go, is no small feat.

2013 Art In Odd Places (AiOP)
October 11th – 20th
14th Street (Avenue C – Hudson River)


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