New York Fashion Week Parking Problems

New York Fashion Week. Usurping lower Manhattan for fun and especially profit. But not yours. Only the film companies get more free parking.

For those of you who are not fans of New York Fashion Week -- a name which refers to a number of locations where fashionistas appear and parking spaces disappear -- you should be aware that they’ve been thrown out of many locations in the past. From The Plaza to Bryant Park to Lincoln Center -- and now to Downtown streets near you at 50 Varick Street (reappearing twice a year).


Apparently, the City and the NYPD, which apparently do their bidding, are docile cooperators. Meanwhile, all residents of Tribeca and SoHo get out of it is a posse of goons telling you to either move your car or prevent you from parking in the first place.


Hopefully, as is planned now, the entire operation will be moved to The Shed at the Hudson River Park next year -- where we all will continue to be at the mercy of fashion’s big money. At least with Bloomberg there were no pretensions that we have an egalitarian society.

Read and weep:

These streets will be closed for New York Fashion Week at the discretion of NYPD.

  • Greenwich Street between West Houston Street and King Street
  • Varick Street between Dominick Street and Beach Street
  • St. John’s Lane between Laight Street and Beach Street
  • Laight Street between Varick Street and St. John’s Lane
  • Washington Street between Jane Street and West 12th Street
  • West 12th Street between Washington Street and Greenwich Street


And -- FYI:

Mental Floss

by Sarene Leeds


“The downside to New York Fashion Week's ever-growing success was that by 2010, the Bryant Park location could no longer fit the expanding throngs of attendees and presenting designers. The proceedings moved to Lincoln Center, the city's famed multi-venue arts complex, for the next four years, but in 2013 a group called the New York City Park Advocates sued the city's Parks Department over NYFW's purported encroachment on the Lincoln Center-adjacent Damrosch Park. The following year, the state's Supreme Court determined Lincoln Center couldn't renew its contract with IMG (the company that owns and operates NYFW). In the settlement, it was decided that the biannual event must take its tents and catwalks elsewhere. Currently, NYFW's shows are staged in Tribeca, but a new development along the Hudson River called The Shed could become the event's new home as early as next year. As they say in the industry: One day you're in, and the next day you're out.”

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