Bloomberg's Commission Approves Rudin's Giant Condo Plan

A letter from City Councilmember, Yetta Kurland:  

Unsurprisingly yet still shockingly, Michael Bloomberg’s City Planning Commission approved his friend and fellow Billionaire Bill Rudin’s plan to build 450 luxury condominiums on the site of the former St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village today. The vital health concerns of the over one million New Yorkers who live and work on Manhattan’s Lower West Side were not taken into account by the Commissioners voting on this proposal – all appointed by the Mayor.

The Coalition for a New Village Hospital presented the Commission with tens of thousands of signatures gathered in opposition to this plan – along with several viable alternatives that would have allowed for the Rudin’s development while still providing a hospital for the community. But the Planning Commission approved the Rudin Condo Plan, as expected.

This has only made clear the need for us to continue this fight and move our focus to City Hall. There are simply too many lives at stake to stop our efforts to get the powerful real estate lobby to understand there is a solution.

We will continue to press our case for a full service hospital through a lobby day at City Hall on Thursday February 9th at 9:00am. Please save the date and also save the date for an upcoming Town Hall Meeting on January 31st with the #OWS Health Care for the 99 Percent. I will send you more details on both events and look forward to continuing our fight for health care on the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

In solidarity,


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