Bryan Zanisnik: Every Inch a Man

Showing at the Abrons Arts Center, "Every Inch a Man," a five-week, site-specific performance and installation by Bryan Zanisnik in the Upper Main Gallery. From Thursday through Sunday each week, 1 – 6pm, Zanisnik will read Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel within a life-size Plexiglas container specially designed to fan baseball cards and outdated currency. 

Zanisnik humorously contrasts with such representations of manliness. For Every Inch a Man, he performs this incongruity day in and day out as an absurdly Freudian compulsion to relive adolescent, familial trauma. Taking a cue from Mike Kelley, whose regressive, infantile characters questioned prescribed social conventions, Zanisnik’s performance and anti-archive of historical material brings into sharp relief how gender roles are both consumer-constructed and pervasive “givens” of American culture.

An accompanying, fully illustrated catalog will feature essays by curator David Everitt Howe and critic Wendy Vogel, a comic by Eric Winkler, and an artist portfolio by Bryan Zanisnik. Designed by Alex Lesy, the catalog will have a limited edition run of 350 copies each containing a unique Polaroid insert.

Bryan Zanisnik: Every Inch a Man
Opening: Friday, March 30, 6 - 8 PM
March 30 - May 6, 2012
Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street
212.598.0400 ext 202