Faith Leaders To Senators: You Give Yourselves Raises, But Not The Minimum Wage?

Last week, faith leaders took their voices and congregations to New York City Hall in Albany, requesting the state's minimum raised by $1.25, coming to $8.50/hour. Yesterday, they received insult atop injury. New York State lawmakers are now moving to raise their own base salaries— over $20,000!

Faith leaders will gather on the steps of NYC's City Hall, Wednesday at 3pm to call out this hypocritical position.

"It is insulting that lawmakers would think now the time to increase their wages by the amount a person living on minimum wage makes in a single year--$14,000! When political leaders acts like this, where is justice to be found? We are better than this, lets give wage raises to those in real need"
~ Rev. John Merz, Church of the Ascension, Brooklyn, NY

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