HATTIETUDES: Betty White’s Victory Over Aging

HATTIE (one name only) is a living example that beauty, sexuality and spirituality are enhanced with age. A fit and fabulous Senior, she is a successful Holistic Life Coach specializing in Anti-Aging, Women's Empowerment and Sexuality. For Hattie's full bio click here.

It has always bothered me that aging in America is viewed as a downward spiral… and a dreaded one at that! It’s no wonder that the younger set clamored for Betty White to appear on Saturday Night Live. Everyone wanted to see the amazing Betty in her 90’s. She’s an older dynamo who is showing the world that aging doesn’t have to rob us of our youth and vitality. She is a bundle of energy, bubbly and enthusiastic, taking on new challenges with courage and joy.

I’m honored to join Betty in inspiring the young, and the young at heart to take aging into their own hands and make it a life-affirming adventure. In my case, sexuality emerged as a dominant force even though it's often viewed as anywhere from ridiculous to repulsive in the senior population. I even starred on network TV as America's Premiere Cougar! (TLC's feature, Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs, repeated on Oprah's NOW Network).

Though my rather unusual journey may differ from yours, by following Betty White’s lead, we older women (and men too) can confidently fulfill our desires and dreams no matter what society says.

Aging can teach you that true beauty emerges from within— a lesson that will lighten your heart, energize your body, and put a smile on your face, with or without a few wrinkles!

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