HATTIE (one name only) is a living example that beauty, sexuality and spirituality are enhanced with age. A fit and fabulous Senior, she is a successful Holistic Life Coach specializing in Anti-Aging, Women's Empowerment and Sexuality. For Hattie's full bio click here.

NEVER EAT SATURATED FAT: This myth accuses saturated fat of causing heart disease, frightening millions into avoiding eating fats altogether. Suddenly huge print ads, warning us that FAT IS DANGEROUS, urge people all across America to turn to low fat and no-fat foods. This is a big mistake. The body needs healthy saturated fats like those found in eggs, avocados, coconut oil, real butter and grass-fed beef – preferably Organically raised. ALWAYS

CHECK LABELS. When natural fat is removed, all sorts of additives and chemicals are added to compensate. It's best to choose products that have the fewest ingredients, none of which are unpronounceable, unrecognizable and NON-FOOD sourced.

CUTTING CALORIES HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Not all calories are created equal. Attention must be paid to how a food is cooked. Fried foods and foods filled with artificial ingredients may be low in calories, but since the body can't metabolize them properly, they can make, or keep you, fat. Check out my RetroAge” 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!” book to master the healthiest and most effective way to be fit and thin for life. It's available through Amazon.

EAT ONLY LOW CHOLESTEROL FOODS: Cholesterol is actually NOT the major culprit in heart disease. Processed foods, diets high in animal fat, and LACK OF EXERCISE are the culprits behind high blood cholesterol levels. BUT, no scientific proof exists that high blood cholesterol correlates to cholesterol deposits on the arteries, or even increased heart attacks. According to Dr. Oz, women, in particular should avoid taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins, for example). To avoid cholesterol deposits on the arteries, where it's dangerous, it's essential to exercise regularly, and choose a vegetable-based diet.

USE “FAKE” SUGAR SUBSTITUTES FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Splenda, Aspartame, and other fake, chemical sugar substitutes may have zero calories, but your body can't metabolize them properly. "Sweet" tasting foods are generally accompanied by calories, so when this doesn't happen, it can lead to distortions in biochemistry that may lead to weight gain, not weight loss “Diet” drinks are the biggest culprits, so avoid them altogether. But beware -- this doesn't mean that “real” sugar is better! Among the sugars that are“safe” are ORGANIC dehydrated sugar cane, honey, agave, maple syrup and stevia. Sugar from non-organic corn, beets and certain other sources are often contaminated with GMO's (Genetically-Modified Organisms). The danger with these is very grave... GMO's cause damage to DNA!

Why do we believe these lies? Misinformation about food bombards us daily, making it virtually impossible to separate lies from the truth. I don't know of even one TV ad that isn't riddled with false claims. Chemical companies like DOW and Monsanto, and PEPSI, COKE, DANNON have the money to pay for lie-riddled ads. They also fund much of the research, infiltrate government regulatory agencies and even bribe political

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