HATTIETUDES: Kashi And Kellogg Are Partners In Crime!

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I've often warned that if a company has enough money to advertise on TV, it's claims are probably false at best— and disastrous at worst. In the case of Kashi GoLean, it's the latter!

How can I make such a claim? Well, in the face of multi-millions behind their bogus promises about the benefits of their products, consumers are starting to get wise and take action. I just joined Cornucopia, a consumer watchdog on organic foods, that bravely reveals details of dangerous lies in advertising that we are bombarded with daily.

In the 1960's, I was one of America’s first consumer advocates for organic food. I testified in front of government committees explaining the dangers of toxic chemicals in foods and soils. Even John Lennon was on our forward-thinking “team” in those days. An Upper West Side group of enlightened individuals, we were worried that our food supply was in danger of being contaminated by the growing, and greedy agricultural chemical industry.

Now, decades later, our fears have come to pass. With very little opposition, Monsanto has succeeded in contaminating our soy and corn crops with GMO's (genetically modified organisms). They've spent mega-millions to force farmers to use their seeds, and even sued those that didn't comply. And they are just the tip of the toxic iceberg.

In the early 1960's (yes, that far back), I composed the First Organic Certification Form in America to insure that the farmers who sold products to our Food Co-op, The Greenhouse, were true to their words. All but one of our suppliers successfully passed our rigid standards. That liar was Weavers, who “messed up” the same chickens they sold to supermarkets to make them appear to be organic!

I shudder to consider how watered-down the standards for organic products have become. BUT, at least, when you purchase 100% USDA Certified Organic, you are getting some valuable protection. Unfortunately less than in my day, but far better than none.

I'll be writing much more about this and educating you about what products to avoid, and which ones to buy/support. In the meantime, please join Cornucopia and subscribe to Dr. Mercola's valuable newsletter. I follow it daily!

It has come as a remarkable surprise that after more than half a century, that I'd be once again called forth to be a consumer advocate. And, to end on a positive note, there are still GREAT companies out there holding the line and producing delicious, healthy foods. Buy them, and enjoy them... I do!

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