HATTIETUDES: The Reluctant Cougar

HATTIE (one name only) is a living example that beauty, sexuality and spirituality are enhanced with age. A fit and fabulous Senior, she is a successful Holistic Life Coach specializing in Anti-Aging, Women's Empowerment and Sexuality. For Hattie's full bio click here.

Do you find that title intriguing? Frankly, the whole phenomenon of being publicized as an internationally-recognized Cougar is shocking for me. For years, no matter how hard I tried to appear on TV to share my life mission to transform aging, I couldn't make any headway.

Holistic Health? Too boring!

But once it became known that I date (read, “sleep with”) younger men, I was inundated with requests for interviews in the media. I starred in “Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs.” viewed by millions in America and all over the world on TLC, Oprah's NOW Network and The Discovery Channel.

You've often heard, “Sex Sells!” Well, this certainly has been proven in my case. Follow me now...

Twenty-seven years ago, my marriage of 25 years dissolved and I found myself, at the tender age of 48, a single woman. The last time I was single was when I had just graduated from Brooklyn College at 22, chomping at the bit to find a future husband. I did, and one year later I was married.

Fast forward through buying a house, raising two kids, co-founding a major New York Dancing School up until becoming that aforementioned single lady.

Throughout our marriage, my former husband, a hunky dancer, and I, enjoyed frequent sex. Suddenly, out on the open market, I wondered what would I do. Sure I was lonely... both my children were away at college. But more than that, I was horny.

At first, I dated “age appropriate” men, but after several dips into that pool, I decided that dating younger men was the way to go. My plan was to subtract 25 years from my chronological age, go back in time to before being married, and behave as if I were starting over. Naïve? No argument here.

You may wonder how long I was able to keep up this fantasy. The answer? Decades! Despite every indication to the contrary, I keep dating much younger men holding onto my dream that one of these men will become my yearned-for life partner, and I 'll be able to stop dating

So you see, the title “Reluctant Cougar” is a perfect fit.


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