HATTIE (one name only) is a living example that beauty, sexuality and spirituality are enhanced with age. A fit and fabulous Senior, she is a successful Holistic Life Coach specializing in Anti-Aging, Women's Empowerment and Sexuality. For Hattie's full bio click here.

That title is obviously about sex and aging. Yes, frequent, satisfying sex no matter how “old” you are! I should know. At 76, I have maintained my sexuality, despite society's disdain for the desirability of older people.

I'd like to share my secrets with you, though several of them may even be embarrassing. Usually it's a turn off to speak about biology. But rather than sweeping it under the rug, it's essential to face all aspects of sex and aging to remain sexual and vital for a lifetime.

Here goes...

1. For starters—masturbate. If you need a boost, use a vibrator and/or watch erotic videos. Orgasms are not just for the young.

2. Keep your orifices totally clean. Even though women are told they're self-cleaning, I don't believe that's true. I recommend washing externally and internally with diluted Dr. Bonner's lavender soap, scooting fingers up to the cervix to make sure it's squeaky clean. For both sexes, washing and thoroughly rinsing the anus is essential.

3. For women: if you're dry or too tender, try a topical bio-identical hormone cream prescribed by a doctor that helps you keep moist and "stretchy." This is a far safer form of hormone replacement than pills, shots or patches.

4. For both sexes: Add the herb MACA which doesn't contain any hormones, yet helps to maintain balanced hormone levels. Additionally, it has been proven to enhance desire and re-energize the entire body.

5. Refuse to buy into the brainwashing that we elders get from the media that aging takes away your desire and your desirability!

But I want to add that being sexual for a lifetime does not come (cum) naturally... IT TAKES WORK! I invite you to join me in being sexually active and youthful for your entire life.

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