HPN Newsletter 5/2/2012

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Homeowner Activists Will Be Crushed Under Their Own Weight- Huffington Post
by Richard Zombeck

Homeowner activists will be crushed under the sheer weight of their gigantic egos; 11 million blogs, websites, and Facebook pages; intellectual dishonesty; Internet turf wars; and a stranglehold on information -- leaving homeowners sifting through debris for decades.

Since 2009, which by most people's naive assessment is when the housing crisis and foreclosure fiasco began, the Internet has become littered with self-proclaimed mortgage experts and homeowner activists doing little more than drawing attention to themselves and pointing to their manufactured biographies and made up resumes. A vast majority of these bloggers do little to help homeowners and, in many cases, are doing irreparable harm with histrionics, inane screeching, disparate calls to action, and ignorant advice for struggling and desperate homeowners. continue reading....

Debt and Gone: Intro
by Robin Postell

For four years I’ve kept quiet, publishing nary a word regarding my experience as a victim of mortgage fraud and the resulting wrongful foreclosures of not one of my properties, but two.

It took stripping me of my creds, my 700+ credit score, credit cards, bank accounts, emergency cash funds, piggy bank coinage, morale, career, and both properties, to finally unblock a writer's voice too long muted. continue reading...

Open Letter to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf
By Donna Zao

Dear Mr. Stumpf,

It’s time to repent and turn yourself in to the 99%. It’s time to stop your public lies. It’s time to stop issuing toxic mortgage loans to homeowners. It’s time to right the wrong as you promised. It’s high time to stop putting the stagecoach in front of that horse.

My name is Donna Vieira. You have known me for the past 7 years through my complaints and on-line petitions sent to you directly. With the authorization given directly by EVP & General Counsel Jim Strother and Major Business Unit General Counsel David Moskowitz, Wells Fargo gave my family a fraudulent mortgage loan in 2005 based on a hugely inflated appraisal. Wells Fargo’s mortgage loan is so toxic that as soon as we signed your mortgage loan contract, before the ink dried, our home was already $243,000 underwater. continue reading...

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