January Meetings to Discuss NYU Expansion

WED JAN 4 COMMUNITY UNITED TOWN HALL organized by the Community Action Alliance. This is a coalition of 30 + community groups, including the D.I.D.  MOBILIZING & ORGANIZING THE COMMUNITY
6:30 pm 536 LaGuardia Place (north of Bleecker)
Community Board 2 meetings:
MON JAN 9 ZONING - NYU will present their overall proposal. Important to attend.
TUES JAN 10 TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION - impact on traffic, pedestrian uses and mass transit.
THUR JAN 12 PARKS - impact on public open space & parks.
TUES JAN 17 SOCIAL SERVICES & EDUCATION - plans for a public school on the superblocks.
WED JAN 18 ENVIRONMENT - affect on local environmental conditions.
Location and time of meetings not yet posted.

Below, the Downtown Independent Democrats detail why to organize against NYU’s expansion plans:

The NYU Hostile Takeover of Greenwich Village has begun.

The Uniformed Land Process (ULURP) is beginning. The flawed procedure puts severe disadvantage on the public to fight against a well-connected and endowed institution. NYU’s large revenue to our media further impacts the quid pro quo with protecting the community.

NYU has been a big bully for decades, ignoring deed restrictions and not fulfilling promises to the community. The institution continually states they will do better. If this were a probation hearing, the panel would say time and time again - sorry, come back when you have proven your rehabilitation.

NYU has a worldwide presence in far-flung places from Shanghai to Dubai. Their argument that they must continue to build in Greenwich Village is weak. They have expanded in Brooklyn and have cited Governors Island, yet will not consider numerous locations further downtown that are 15 minutes away.

NYU did not expand in Paris because city planners did not agree to non-contextual plans. Our NYC City Planning Agency must raise the bar accordingly.

We must not let NYU destroy a residential neighborhood with its rich, vibrant history. It is a birthplace of grassroots activism, bohemian culture, a start of the LGBT movement and a tourist destination.  Washington Square Park is a park for all, not for NYU to co-opt the park and the surrounding area for its own use.

Robert Moses did wonderful things for New York. He also made grave mistakes which the public successfully fought against. The public defeated him on the highway through Washington Square Park and the Broome St./Lower Manhattan elevated expressway.

NYU has done similar for New York. Academic excellence, creation of jobs and brain power are of great benefit. But like Robert Moses, NYU is not infallible in its planning.

Major changes from residential to commercial zoning, high-scale development with square footage the size of the Empire State Building, removing NYU long agreed upon zoning stipulations, acquiring public green spaces, and devastating the neighborhood’s character and balance are not in the public interest.