Kronos Quartet with Guest Gamelan Galak Tika and Kenge Kenge at Lincoln Center

Visionary precision, fearless exploration, and unlimited scope have placed the Kronos Quartet at the forefront of contemporary music for nearly 40 years. Friday, August 13th’s far-reaching repertoire features works by Steve Reich, Café Tacuba, and the world premiere of Christine Southworth’s Super Collider. Performed by Kronos with the 14 musicians of Gamelan Galak Tika (Evan Ziporyn, artistic director) using the virtual Gamelan Elektrika, designed and developed by Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos (of Guitar Hero and Rock Band), Super Collider juxtaposes two sound worlds and traditions, the string quartet and the ancient gamelan, through the unlimited sonic universe of electronics.

Kenge Kenge breath new life into Kenya’s Luo musical roots, using an indigenous onestring fiddle called the orutu, flutes, and drums to explore the traditional acoustic origins of the exhilarating dance rhythms of benga.”
Super Collider & Gamelan Elektrika made possible by Alex Rigopulos & Sachi Sato, MIT and the MIT Media Lab. Gamelan Galak Tika is a part of the MIT Music & Theater Arts Program.”
Friday, August 13 at 7:30
Lincoln Center
Damrosch Park Bandshell