Letter To The Editor: St. Vincents

Dear Editor,

You may have read the article (link) in the NY Post yesterday announcing that the District Attorney’s Office is investigating the closing of St. Vincent’s and whether those in charge purposefully ran the hospital into the ground.

I applaud the courageous efforts of the District Attorney to shed much needed sunshine on a story that has been swept under the rug, I hope this begins the process of getting answers to questions the community has been asking since the hospital wrongfully closed over a year and a half ago. It is a testament to the incredible hard work of so many community members who continue to stand up and speak truth to power in the face of real estate interests, even when our elected officials have been unable to do so.

But here is another opportunity for our elected leaders. Certainly the Rudin Family wields great political power. But sometimes, the necessity to speak the truth and serve justice is more important than political safety.

Will our Assemblymember who chairs the Health Committee hold a hearing to investigate the facts? Will our State Senator who recently headed the Senate’s health committee call for an investigation? Will our Congressmember who worked hard to secure millions of dollars for St. Vincent’s Hospital call for an investigation?

Will our Attorney General, whose job it is to protect the public and public assets like St. Vincent’s, hold an investigation? Will our Governor, who has proven himself a leader, and who understands that if this can happen in the West Village in Manhattan it can and will happen anywhere in New York State, investigate?

This is a turning point in this fight. It is an opportunity for all of us, regardless of our political interests, or our business interests, to put aside differences and do what is right.

Yetta Kurland
Coalition for a New Village Hospital

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