A Love Story: Planet of Snail

“Planet of Snail”, a love story like no other, is a mesmerizing documentary about an accomplished young poet.

Young-Chan is tall and thin and very handsome, but cannot see or hear. Soon-Ho is tiny with a strikingly beautiful face. They are a loving married South Korean couple who communicate through finger braille (a touch-based sign language which she taps into his palm; he responds verbally). Often he carries her on his shoulders and together they accomplish ordinary domestic tasks to which the rest of us wouldn’t give a second thought.

Young-Chan is an accomplished poet and his writings imbue the film with an other-worldly sensibility that reflects his self-image as a snail or as an astronaut. It is tempting to see them as characters from a fairytale, cursed by an evil spell. In reality, the extraordinary love which passes between them suggests the opposite: that they are blessed with immeasurable happiness the rest of us would be fortunate to experience.

A Love Story: Planet of Snail
Through August 7th
Film Forum
209 West Houston Street
(between Avenue of the Americas and Varick Street)
(212) 727-8112


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