#OWS Notes From Zucotti Park

Surprisingly, there were few police and many sleeping bags at Zucotti Park today. The mood was upbeat and while not spotless the park seemed relatively clean. There were organized "booths" for various aspects of "Occupy Wall Street" in the middle of the park and many sleeping bag locations. The demonstrators with signs were vogueing and the police seemed relaxed and just hanging at the periphery. A few police vans were present and Liberty Street was closed off to regular traffic while the cars and sightseeing buses were freely flow down Broadway.

Apparently, there is some discussion about opening a new location for protest at Washington Square Park as well as Zucotti Park, possbily tonight, which creates a quandary of Park rules (closing after midnight) as opposed to Freedom of Expression, Speech and Assembly laws.

The potential for many more arrests seems imminent.

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