#OWS Notes from Zucotti Park 10/18/11

There was a palpable sense of energy tonight at the park. It was as if something was about to happen. There was an anticipation and excitement in the air. The celebrities present lent to that feeling.

In several parts of the square at Zucotti, there were chants being conducted. One appeared to be a sort of karmic exercise on the Church Street side near the old American Stock Exchange where there were a few hundred people.

At the Broadway side of the park, Rev. Jessie Jackson was being interviewed by what seemed to be a mainstream media group using expensive equipment— mikes, heavy hand-held camera, and a separate interviewer. Very professional. Jackson was very serious, throughout the interview which was impossible to hear even from 5 feet away. A few feet from that, Reverend Billy, in a white suit and clergy collar was holding court. It was nearly impossible to hear him as well but he was all smiles, gesticulating and quite charming.

Meanwhile, another group of about two hundred active, vocal people were listening to a man give and repeat pep talk near the sculpture at the south end of the park on Broadway.  

The mood was friendly, cooperative and at a guess there were about 1500 to 2000 people. Police presence was very light and there was no tension. Only the lineup of police cars that faced the park on its North side which was closed to all traffic, Liberty Street, in fact, made it clear that this was not being unattended. Earlier in the day 3 helicopters hovered overhead and with the noise, clearly made their presence known. A bit intimidating

A few interesting areas at the Park: the Kitchen (where everyone lined up for food)the Sanitation Department: and the Information counter, where I could get no information mainly because everyone seemed to take their time to answer everyone's question.

Apparently, people leave for jobs and then return to get back to the Occupation at Hand.




Demands and a meeting next July 4th were announced tonight: https://sites.google.com/site/the99percentdeclaration/

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