Parents Unite! Protest budget cuts to schools, today: Thursday, March 10

A grassroots group of parents has reserved space on city hall steps this Thursday at 1 PM to protest proposed budget cuts on behalf of our kids!

Speak up for of your kids and your teachers! Teacher layoffs, larger classes, fewer programs, overcrowded facilities, personnel and supplies stretched even thinner--this is in our future if we don't speak up. Just a few minutes of your time makes a big difference; your school needs you.

Join us Thursday, 1 PM, at City Hall Steps.

If you can't make it (or if you can) write to the Mayor, the Governor, the Speaker, your assemblymember, and your senator today:

Governor Cuomo: (or click here)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:
find your assemblymember here.
find your state senator here

Dear X,
I am a New York City public school parent, imploring you not to visit further budget cuts on city schools. Our classes are already huge, our resources scarce, our teachers overtaxed, and our kids struggle to succeed with the limited resources they have. The Campaign for Fiscal Equity decision established that our kids were not receiving the funding they are entitled to for an adequate education even before budget cuts--the funds to redress this injustice are nowhere in sight, and the pittance they have is threatened with cuts. Who could argue that it's the public school children of New York City who should pony up when the state needs money? Their plight is known to the whole country. We're sure you can find grown-ups with the resources to spare. Save our kids.

Yours sincerely,


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