Restler Rips Undemocratic Special Elex

Restler pens op-ed in Brooklyn Paper; Working to Reform NYS Democratic Party

BROOKLYN, NY- With six vacancies in the New York State Assembly and one in Congress, New Yorkers are becoming increasingly aware of the undemocratic special election process. According to a new report by Citizen's Union, by the end of this year one of every three New York State legislators will have been 'elected' via a special election, ensuring their loyalty to the party bosses and insiders who put them in office.

Democratic District Leader and State Committeeman Lincoln Restler has authored an op-ed for The Brooklyn Paper that elucidates the byzantine special election process and endorses a series of smart reforms to New York Democratic Party bylaws and New York State Law.

Read the Op-Ed here.

Described by the Daily News' Errol Louis as part of the "young insurgent candidates" of the Obama Generation, Lincoln Restler ran a successful grassroots campaign for State Committeeman (also known as District Leader) to clean up the borough’s Democratic party, which has seen three of the past four party bosses indicted on corruption charges. For more information on Lincoln, please visit

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