SMOOTH HOTEL Photographs by Barbara Nitke

Want to see toothsome people in sticky situations? Ahhh, caught your attention. Well attend the SMOOTH HOTEL fashion/art show on Monday, May 3rd from 6 to 8 PM. It features Barbara Nitke’s photographs of provocative people misbehaving in anonymous hotel settings in collaboration with New York fashion designers Tom and Linda Platt. Opening night will feature smooth drinks and Nitke's models, overdressed at the bar in their photo wardrobe. Sexy. 

“Well known and highly regarded in the sexual underground for her behind-the-scenes documentation of hardcore porn sets and her intensely intimate images of sadomasochists, Nitke begins a new career chapter as a fashion photographer. 
Her choice of a launch pad in the formerly dangerous Meatpacking District was deliberate. Gansevoort 69 is in the same location where the landmark diner, Florent, once reigned 24/7 as the favorite neighborhood place to go before or after a kinky night out. 
"I absolutely adored this neighborhood back in the '90's. I loved Hellfire, the Lure, the Vault - the transvestite hookers on the streets - it was a fantastic place." Nitke says nostalgically, "After it changed, I boycotted the whole area. But recently I've realized that I've made the same mainstream transition myself. So now I'm embracing the change by having my new show here."
May 4th to May 30th
Opening Reception Monday, May 3rd, 6-8 PM
Gansevoort 69
69 Gansevoort Street