"The Governor’s decision to turn the charges of domestic violence by his aide David Johnson – and of the conduct of the New York State Police in response to those allegations—over to the New York State Attorney General for a full investigation is the right way to handle this ugly situation. I am confident that the Attorney General will conduct a thorough inquiry.
"Crimes of domestic violence often involve efforts to manipulate, intimidate or control the victim. Social friends and family members are often involved in such efforts. As we found in our Select Committee’s report on Senator Monserrate, it is particularly offensive when public servants are used in efforts to control or “manage” a domestic violence victim. The reported actions of the New York State Police that emerged in today’s New York Times story fit squarely within this well-documented pattern of conduct. If there was any effort to manipulate, intimidate or pressure the victim by any law enforcement official, they should be sanctioned to the fullest extent of the law, including termination and prosecution. Any official who approved or authorized such misconduct should be treated the same way.
"This is not a matter of legal nuance - this is a matter of right and wrong. Any effort to intimidate or control a victim of domestic violence is just plain wrong. It is despicable. And it is unlawful. We pay the State Police to uphold the law and to protect victims, not to intimidate and pressure them.
"I fully support the Attorney General’s investigation and expect the swift imposition of sanctions on anyone who engaged in or approved such conduct."
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