Citymeals-on-Wheels is one of our favorite organizations because it works everyday to provide New York’s elderly with companionship and healthy meals.  Last year 1,500 heroic volunteers brought over 2.2 million nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners to over 18,000 of our City’s elderly.  Below is some information on how to volunteer.

Individual Volunteer Information

If you have any questions about any of Citymeals-on-Wheels’ volunteer opportunities listed below, email us or download the volunteer application (PDF).

Friendly Visiting

The friendly visiting program brings together our meal recipients with kind-hearted people who want to help homebound seniors stay connected with the outside world. This social visit becomes so important in the lives of our lonely elderly. The time commitment for this program is one hour per week for at least six months. The visiting schedule is arranged between you and the senior.

Meal Delivery

The heart of our program is the hand-delivery of nutritious meals to homebound seniors. Our clients look forward to these essential meals; the personal visits that come with them help brighten their day. Each weekend, teams and individual volunteers help deliver meals from meal centers across the city. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens on weekends and select locations on weekdays.

Senior Chat

This program lets caring volunteers make contact with isolated, elderly individuals by phone once a week. A weekly phone call can go a long way to helping homebound seniors feel safe and connected to the world. Calls typically last about a half hour and can be made from the volunteer’s home or office. The time commitment for this program is six months.

Senior Script

Every week, Citymeals receives letters of appreciation from our elderly meal recipients. These letters often include touching, heartfelt stories about their lives. Through this program, volunteers write back to our clients with a warm personalized response.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities with Citymeals-on-Wheels, email us at