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“This enormous decline in euthanasia numbers—from around 25 percent of American dogs and cats euthanized every year to about three percent—represents substantial progress,” reports HSUS. “We will make still greater progress by working together to strike at the roots of animal overpopulation.”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today announced the indictment of STEVEN CARTER, 49, for the rape and murder of Antoinette Bennett in 1986.

“We respect the jury’s verdict,” District Attorney Vance said. “Nothing can bring back these two brave firefighters, and our thoughts are with their families. We hope that this prosecution brought necessary attention to the importance of safety in the construction and demolition industries.”

Jennifer Grant, daughter of legendary film star Cary Grant and author of “Good Stuff: Remembrances of My Father, Cary Grant” remembers her father in intimate detail. She describes how her dad traded in Hollywood for fatherhood, and why she loves him for it. Friday, 12pm at the 92ytribeca.

Microscope Gallery is very pleased to announce CURRENT ELECTRIC, the debut of new electric paintings and video by artist, videomaker & photographer Anton Perich in Bushwick. The bold and haunting series of acrylic on canvas portraits, nudes and abstract paintings are the result of decades of fine-tuning and experimentation with Perich’s mechanized painting machine, an invention he built in 1977, and of which Andy Warhol declared in his diaries that he was jealous. Opening Sunday, June 12, 6 - 9 PM


Following last week’s historic events and as New York prepares for the tenth anniversary of September 11th, State Senator Daniel Squadron presented Lower Manhattan teen Brook Peters with a Senate resolution honoring the selection of his 9/11 documentary for screening at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Casa de Costa is pleased to announce Protect from Light, a solo photography exhibition by artist Josh McNey opening Friday April 29th. Protect from Light features nearly thirty unpublished photographs, including landscapes, still life and portraits primarily from McNey’s work with college wrestlers, professional bull riders and other athletes. Showcasing just some selections from a decade-long practice, Protect from Light provides the first opportunity to see a substantial collection of finished work by the artist.

Most experts agree that Japan would be hard pressed to close all of its 54 nuclear reactors anytime soon, especially given that these plants provide over a third of the nation’s electricity supply and 11 percent of its total energy needs. Japan relies so much on nuclear power because it has so few other domestic sources of energy to draw upon. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Japan is only 16 percent energy self-sufficient, and much of this comes from its now-wounded nuclear power program.

Join Creative Time at the kickoff rally and after party for The Bruce High Quality Foundation (BHQF)’s national Teach 4 Amerika tour next Tuesday, March 29 from 6:30pm-8pm at The Cooper Union Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street in Manhattan. Inspired by the spectacle and energy of a political rally, the event is the first in a series of rallies and conversations that call for a rethinking of the current art education system

With the environment now high atop the public agenda, green jobs are more popular than ever. Defined by (a leading green jobs website) as any job in any company where the primary focus is on reducing the impacts of our activities or products on the environment, green jobs serve to maximize efficient use of resources while minimizing degradation of the planet from pollution and waste.