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Gender and Race were just two of the topics discussed at the public conference held at the Paley Center for Media in midtown Tuesday. “From Soundbites to Solutions: Bias, Punditry and the Press in the 2008 Election,” lured a group of over 200 predominantly female journalists, lawyers, academics, feminists, and activists, most of whom were intent on dissecting the often masked social issues involved in this year’s historic political season and the media’s coverage of it. 

The great irony of this year’s 62nd Tony Awards is that it received the lowest ratings on CBS ever, yet the ceremony was decidedly one of its most entertaining. The buzz was of a remarkable Broadway season and the show didn’t disappoint.

Hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, the telecast was filled with spectacle and a record number of musical performances from productions that, overall, showcased the spectrum of subject and creativity that the Big White Way has to offer.

Speaker Quinn’s office confirmed yesterday that cigarette butts containing the suspect’s DNA and additional physical evidence were found at the rape scene in Soho on Wednesday, May 28th.

A 19 year-old woman was raped after being followed from the subway early Wednesday morning. According to police it was approximately 4:00 AM when the woman, returning from her job in Brooklyn, got off at the Spring St. station at Sixth Ave. The assailant followed her out of the subway, reportedly asking her for a cigarette before following her back to her Prince St. apartment building. It was there that the suspect threatened her with a box cutter, pushed her into the courtyard of her building and raped her.

Like a menacing dream, Joachim Trier’s Reprise is the racing yet graceful tale of self-actualization. Befitting its Norwegian setting, the film sails between moods as the main characters deal with love, depression, mental illness, ambition, and unfulfillment–all embellished by punk rock undertones. The style is distinctly French New Wave, a throwback to the movement’s originator, Jean-Luc Godard, whose filmsVivre sa vie (My Life to Live) and Bande a part (Band of Outsiders) are reminiscent.

On Tuesday, May 13th, two busloads of tenants’ rights activists made the long trek from New York City to Albany to support the repeal of vacancy decontrol. The group showed solid fortitude as they stood with Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Members to declare the passage of A. 7416 (Rosenthal, Silver), a bill designed to rescind vacancy decontrol.

A Series of Articles on the Lawlessness of Tenant/Landlord Disputes in New York City and the Departments That Are Allowing its Occurrence.

It’s a SoHo battle royale. The controversy over the new Trump Building that “The Donald” and co-developers The Bayrock Group and Sapir Organization intend on erecting has ignited an uproar heard across West Broadway. The hubbub in many ways is the same as it has been for years. “There goes the neighborhood, again!” But the trouble this time runs deeper; with more at stake than just ugly architecture, this could rupture the identity of SoHo for good.

South of 15th Street and west of Hudson lies New York’s famed Meatpacking District. For decades, by day, it has been true to its name- a blue-collar industrial ‘hood where meat and poultry were slaughtered, processed, packaged, and sold. By night the neighborhood, with its uninhabited buildings and un-policed streets, was infamous for having housed the likes of the “morally un-obliged.” Gays, leatherheads, transsexuals, and in general the sexually deviant claimed the cobblestone as their nocturnal freedom land. It was gritty.