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The days when bohemians sat in Fanelli’s sipping whisky and discussing art and politics, (still our main theme here at SoHo Journal Magazine) may be gone but our Woody Allen like fascination hasn’t ended and at times the streets feel the same as they did; very early on a Saturday morning or very late on a Thursday night the ghosts of modern thinkers and revolutionaries still haunt the ragged cobblestones.  Fortunately for us a handful of the original renegades still remain and we were lucky enough to pin them down for a chat about how things used to be! As part of an ongoing series we chatted with oldtimers Jim Stratton, Penelope Grill, and Mimi Smith about the glory days.

Governor Patterson released the following statement regarding the Board’s decision to close St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center: "While we are disappointed that we were unable to find a partner for the acute care inpatient services, we should use this as an opportunity to ensure that the healthcare needs of this community are met by creating an urgent care center combined with other vital health care services the community needs.”

Kurt Loder of MTV said of Undersea Poem's new self-titled album that " [it] takes you to a place worthy of postcards: the golden beach, the turquoise sea, the warm breeze ruffling the palms. If only we could live there. A beautiful record." I couldn’t agree more. Come celebrate the release of their self-titled album at Joe's Pub on April 15th at 10PM.


Hurt Locker? Inglorious Bastards? Avatar? Who’s going to win? And what are they going to wear?? Come celebrate Oscar Night at the Cupping Room Café.   With their 9ft screen (yowsa!), the delicious food, the drink specials ($5 champagne, $2 beer, & $4 shots after 10 pm) and the splendid company it’s THE place to watch the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. 


We were lucky enough to be invited by the wonderful gallery nine5 to the premier of SCOPE New York Art Show 2010. SCOPE is a global art fair that features the most pioneering galleries, artists and curators from around the world and introduces them to patrons and public alike. It was a splendid affair, check out the photos after the jump.

Inspired by the feminist writings of Valentine de Saint Point and Mina Loy that reflect on visions of female sexuality, Lilibeth Cuenca Ramussen’s one-woman multi-media performance in “The Present Doesn’t Exist in My Mind, and the Future is Already Far Behind” depicts the struggle between being a strong feminist woman in a culture of post-feminist traps.  Stunning and deeply touching, it's worth the outing.

Traffic congestion has gotten way out of hand—and not just in developed countries anymore: Traffic jams and smog plague dozens of cities in China and in many other parts of the developing world. Here in the U.S., road congestion now causes commuters to spend an average of a full work week each year sitting in traffic, according to the Texas Transportation Institute. While alternative modes of getting around are available, most of us still opt for our cars for the sake of convenience, comfort and privacy.

Looking for a furry sidekick or two? Animal shelters, adoption centers, and rescue groups all over the five boroughs want you to find your true furry love this February. Whether at a shelter, an in-store adoption center, or an adoption van, you'll have opportunities to adopt every day throughout February!

Don joins director of the SoHo Alliance Sean Sweeney at his downtown loft to discuss peddlers on Canal St., community board memberships and affordable housing.

New Yorkers often preach about maintaining the fabric of our City, yet complain about the noise. Gamal Hennessy’s Seize the Night reminds us of the importance of responsible NYC nightlife and how essential it is to our community. It’s an industry that by its nature gets a bad rap but is fundamental to our city both socially and fiscally.   The preview party for it is this Thursday at Happy Ending Lounge. There will be an open bar courtesy of Absolut Vodka from 7:00- 8:00 pm. Considering the shindig is to celebrate a book about nightlife we’re betting that it’s going to be a blast. Plus did you read the part about an open bar?!