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Senator Schneiderman appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann to discuss Ian's Law. Go to the next page to see the full video.

Joined by patients and insurance reform advocates, Senator Eric T. Schneiderman (D-Manhattan/Bronx) announced the introduction of major legislation today that protects patients from egregious insurance industry practices. “Ian’s Law” (S.6263) makes it illegal for insurers to drop entire classes of insurance as a pretext to deny coverage to individual policyholders...

The second hearing on the proposal to move Greenwich Village Middle School (GVMS) to 26 Broadway is on Wednesday, November 4, 6 p.m., at the Broadway Education Complex, 26 Broadway (at Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan).

Be a god.  Be a hero.  Attend Flavorpill’s Halloween 2009 to  watch live performances by The Very Best, Stretch Armstrong, Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew and more...


Medicare For All— Demonstration and sit-in, part of a nationwide day of action.
October 28, 2009 at 10 AM
1 Liberty Plaza (Broadway just north of Wall Street)
Contact: Jean Fox,


"Based in Brooklyn, J.Viewz is a multi-genre, multi-media music project with revolving band members. Electronic-music producer Jonathan Dagan (from Tel Aviv, Israel) first formed the group in 2002, and has since produced two albums under J.Viewz: Muse Breaks (2005) and The Besides EP (2008).

The hearing on the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission’s (LPC) proposal to landmark roughly 1/3 of the South Village, west of 6th Avenue, will begin tomorrow at approximately 2:30 pm and is expected to last for several hours. IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL THAT WE HAVE A LARGE TURNOUT TO TELL THE CITY TO MOVE AHEAD WITH THE PROPOSED LANDMARK DESIGNATION, AND TO COMMIT TO CONSIDER AND ACT UPON THE REMAINING TWO-THIRDS OF THE SOUTH VILLAGE HISTORIC DISTRICT AS PROPOSED BY GVSHP, which they have not yet done.

Talk tits, jugs, and knockers at the burlesque “Surviving to Thriving” breast cancer benefit at Don Hill’s in SoHo tonight!  In addition to top burlesque there will be sword swallowing, cabaret, face painting, henna, raffles, Vodka & Domaine De Canton Martini's, delicious desserts(!) and the Sexy Surviving to Thriving Dance Troupe!!  All of the funds raised will go to QUALITY OF LIFE PROGRAMS for SURVIVORS.

Celebrate Life! 2009 "Surviving to Thriving! Breast Fest!

Here’s a victory for the good guys!  The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and parents whose mission is to “limit the impact of commercial culture on children” especially from corporate marketers.  In 2006 the CCFC filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission that forced Disney to rescind its claims that Baby Einstein videos were educational for infants...

Begin your Halloween celebration early at Friday night’s “Carving Out the Light,” a pumpkin-carving workshop with acclaimed artist Christopher Coggiano.  Bring your own pumpkin, but Lucky Gallery will provide plenty of friends, food and drink.  It will be a ghoul time (ha, ha, ha!) and you’ll leave with the scariest pumpkin on the block!