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The GVSHP will be protesting Thursday, October 22nd in front on 178 Bleeker Street, the location of their latest crusade.  The structure, originally built in 1861, was demolished last year and since then the owner has been trying to obtain permits to replace it with an 8-story building. The building would be in the middle of a block of 5-story 1862 rowhouses with zoning restrictions that should limit any new construction to 60 feet.  In spite of months of protest yesterday the City approved the plans. 


Supporters of the proposed Hudson Rise, a smarter alternative for the city’s space to house it’s garbage trucks and salt shed, held a benefit last night to raise funds and awareness.  The turnout was great for a rainy Thursday.  In addition to the many district #2 residents in attendance were political supporters such as Margaret Chin, Yetta Kurland and most notably mayoral candidate William Thompson as the keynote speaker.

Just over a year ago the City Council voted to allow Michael Bloomberg to run for a third term as Mayor of New York City.  Now today the Mayor is engaged in a tight race with democratic candidate Bill Thompson.  With less than three weeks left until the election, Thursday Thompson will deliver a major speech on term limits at Hunter College's Kaye Playhouse.

This weekend over a hundred Galleries and artists along the newly renovated High Line will open the doors to their studios.  Visitors are welcome to enter their favorite Chelsea artists’ private workspace for a behind the scenes viewing of their latest works and glimpse at their artistic processes.   

Tall and lean with a thoughtful face, Allison Parris is very much the quintessence of contemporary. The freshman designer carries herself with a rare blend of youthful sophistication that, much like her premier collection, effortlessly engages. She is well spoken and precise in her diction (a quality that I interpret as evidence of her creative mind), and full of fresh ideas. She seems poised.

Take your kids on a whole new type of adventure by introducing them to the author of their favorite musical Click Clack Moo!

The Hudson Rise is an intelligent alternative solution to the “garbage garage” and salt shed that the City and the Department of Sanitation has proposed.  The plan would incorporate a two-district park on top of the space for the Sanitation Garage, satisfying the City while also converting it into something beneficial to the community and the environment.

3rd Ward is one of our favorite companies for its bottom line commitment to support the arts. This miracle of an organization seems to understand how difficult it is to be a young artist in a big city and offers encouragement and, more so, opportunity. 

Both introduced on September 17th, 2009, two new amendments to existing laws regarding park concessions and conservancies.  Written by Council Member Nelson, park concessions would have specific boundaries indicated on the map of a park. And by Councils Member Mark-Viverito and Avella, the second amendment would ensure that at least one member on the board of directors of a park conservancy resides within the city council district of the park.

The Parrish Art Museum and OLA (The Organización Latino-Americana) will present the 2009 OLA Film Festival Friday, October 2nd.  The festival will feature two award- winning films, Mi Mejor Enemigo (My Best Enemy) and El baño del Papa (The Pope’s Toilet) and live music by Raul Cardenas and DJ Chile,