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The Manhattan Children’s Theatre is a wonderful company with a wonderful goal: to produce high quality and affordable theater experiences for children and their families.  The material ranges from classic literature to new works, all with the aim to encourage reading, critical thinking, curiosity as well as “communication between children, their families and their educators.”

The Public School Advocacy Committee and Community Board #2 are rallying Thursday to convert the city owned building at 75 Morton Street into a new middle school.  The school would take the burden off other overcrowded city middle schools while servicing the community as well. 

Freedom Week is a coalition of abolitionists working to raise awareness and fight modern day slavery by inspiring action and providing opportunities for advocacy. “Contemporary slavery can be abolished. It begins with one person investing in freedom.”

"I never know what I'm capable of doing before I do it." These words, spoken by Oscar-winning actor Juliette Binoche (Caché, The English Patient, Blue), capture the intrepid spirit—indeed the daring—behind In-I, an intensely visceral dance-theater work conceived, directed, and performed by Binoche and the adventurous British choreographer Akram Khan (Steve Reich @ 70, 2006 Next Wave Festival). Together, these charismatic artists arrive at something entirely new, as an actor dances and a dancer acts. 

In the sea of New York restaurants Lusso is no big fish.  It’s a small corner joint, on a small block, in a (relatively) small neighborhood.  But that’s not to say it doesn’t stand out. Having just opened in January of 2009, Lusso jumped in to muddy waters, with constant whispers of economic doom.  However first time Owner Michael Carpinillo exhibited an intelligence in his choices that works superbly well.  Lusso has a lot of charm...  

Gloria Steinem reads her "Top 10 Reasons for voting for Cy Vance" at a "Women for Cy" rally in Washington Square Park yesterday. Other speakers included Betsy Gotbaum, Jessica Lappin, April Tyler, & Marion Rice.

Though the growing opinion seems to be that economic recovery is afoot, not everyone thinks so.  The Growth Stock Wire writer Jeff Clark seems to disagree.

Though a little confused, I am thoroughly intrigued.  C.R.E.A.M. Projects presents Whitney’s Biennial opening August 28th for one weekend only.  This is a show of 37 artists dedicated to redemption, lasting through hard times, and the biennial of Whitney Houston.  Clever, I suppose.

Arthur Gregory is running for City Council in District 1 and would like to introduce himself.  He is a successful businessman and an experienced community activist interested in making education a priority and expediting the progress at the World Trade Center site.

Yeasayer is one of our favorite New York bands in recent years.  Coming onto the scene in 2007 with popular tracks such as "Sunrise" and "2080", their self styled “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel" is experimental to say the least.  Their musical mixture of unrelated sounds somehow comes together into a harmonious tye-dye of beautiful tunes.  Producing true blue experimental world music is hard (it’s even hard to write) but the Brooklyn-based band has done it well.