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"The National Organization for Women NYS PAC is proud to endorse Kathleen Rice (D) for NYS attorney general. As Nassau County District Attorney, Rice displayed what feminists consider a stellar record in the fight for equality" said NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas.

Do you have the time to listen to Billie Joe Armstrong rhyme? Sunday September 19th Jordan Roth, President of Jujamcyn Theaters, will interview Green Day’s lyricist, vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and American Idiot director Tony Award winner Michael Mayer. The mega-band arrived with 1994’s Dookie, which sold 15 million copies and won a Grammy ® Award and has followed up with such epic albums such as American Idiot which debuted at No. 1 and earned seven Grammy nominations (winning two) and last year’s 21st Century Breakdown, which won the Grammy for Best Rock Album.   Green Day has not only proved its longevity but its relevance. Join in the discussion to ask Billie Joe how!

Brooklynite Gallery proudly presents Paradise Lost a two-man exhibition by stencil-based artists C215 and Eelus. Loosely exploring themes of innocence, wonder and the imagination we experience as kids, both artists approach these themes from unique perspectives in both subject matter and stencil technique – clearly at the top of their games. Opening Saturday September 4th from 7 to 10 PM. 


By eating locally sourced foods, we strengthen the bond between local farmers and our communities, stay connected to the seasons in our part of the world, promote crop diversity, and minimize the energy intensive, greenhouse-gas-emitting transportation of food from one part of the world to another. Also, since local crops are usually harvested at their peak of freshness and typically delivered to stores within a day, customers can be sure they are getting the tastiest and most nutritious forms of the foods they like.



The Freelancers Union, New York's top advocacy group for independent workers, announced its endorsement today of Eric Schneiderman to be the state's next Attorney General. With 80,000 members statewide, the Freelancers Union joins the growing list of over 100 progressive leaders, labor unions and grassroots organizations that are supporting Schneiderman for Attorney General.



DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present Brion Nuda Rosch’s first solo exhibition in New York. Deconstructing or rearranging the commonplace, Rosch’s collages and sculptural works heighten awareness and jar the viewer out of an object or photograph’s sense of embedded context. Through August 20th.



While reports of Sean Coffey’s pay-to-play practices have troubled good government advocates, Eric Schneiderman’s comprehensive plan to restore public integrity includes several key measures designed to curtail such conduct. Specifically, the plan calls for much stricter limits on anyone doing business with the state, and greater disclosure requirements.




Chashama presents Touch and Feel My Walls, an artistic collaboration between Isis Swaby a.k.a ISSART and Ashley Cimone. Swaby and Cimone wanted to use their sense of humor and love for the arts to create an interactive experience for all art lovers. The exhibit will showcase touchable pieces by the two that will tantalize more than just your sense of sight. Opening Thursday, August 12th at 7 PM.


Sean Coffey, a plaintiffs’ attorney and self-funding candidate for attorney general, has given at least $150,000 in political contributions to elected officials who later awarded Coffey legal work that netted the multimillionaire and his firm hundreds of millions of dollars in fees, according to a story that appeared in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Visionary precision, fearless exploration, and unlimited scope have placed the Kronos Quartet at the forefront of contemporary music for nearly 40 years. Friday, August 13th’s far-reaching repertoire features works by Steve Reich, Café Tacuba, and the world premiere of Christine Southworth’s Super Collider. Performed by Kronos with the 14 musicians of Gamelan Galak Tika (Evan Ziporyn, artistic director) using the virtual Gamelan Elektrika, designed and developed by Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos (of Guitar Hero and Rock Band), Super Collider juxtaposes two sound worlds and traditions, the string quartet and the ancient gamelan, through the unlimited sonic universe of electronics.