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Join the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation for the Rally Against NYU’s Proposed 400 Ft. Tower. The rally will be held Sunday November 7th on Bleecker Street east of LaGuardia Pl. to protest “NYU’s landmark-busting plans for the Village’s tallest tower— a combination hotel and residence — and their threatened alternative of building on the adjacent supermarket site.” The rally comes one day before the plan goes before Community #2’s Landmark Committtee.

Although vastly different in form and composition, the works included in Balancing Act all convey a sense of play, pure physicality, and a connection with archetypal childhood experience. Curator Hamlett Dobbins has written about Gary Komarin that “[he] does in his paintings what acrobats do on the high wire: there is a constant balancing act between sophistication and simplicity, between cartoon-like expression and eloquent abstraction.” The exhibition opens Sunday, October 24th. 

While in Tokyo in 2001, photographer Lyle Owerko found a mint late-seventies Victor JVC at an outdoor market. Having already been a collector, his hunt began for more rare and obscure models. Beloved by rappers, b-boys, dancers, political protestors, and punks, a siren call to gather and dance, the boombox reminds us of when music was a collective experience and the street was a club.

BROOKLYN, NY: Two weeks after Lincoln Restler's upstart victory over scandal scarred Vito Lopez's hand picked candidate for state committee, the reform movement is celebrating its growing momentum with supporters and special guests at Teddy's in Williamsburg.

There is no doubt that creating a way to utilize the energy in dog poop is possible, as large systems called anaerobic digesters (or biogas digesters) are often used in landfills to wring energy out of trash, as well as on some big farms and ranches where large amounts of cow manure provide plenty of feedstock. In such systems microbes generate methane gas—which can be captured and used for power—once they are set free on manure or trash.

“For too long, we’ve had a government that represents the powerful well-connected interests, and limits access for everyone else. These real campaign finance reforms will level the playing field and give New Yorkers the open, honest and accountable government they deserve,” said Eric Schneiderman.

Brrr…. Feeling the chill?  Well autumn has arrived and with it dropping temperatures.  Did you know that New Yorkers are entitled to heat as of Friday October 1st, despite the often misquoted date of October 15th? Check out the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal Fact Sheet after the jump.

With a passion for surfing, Spanish language and early childhood education 3 inspirational men founded the Valpo Surf Project, a community-based educational program devoted to using surfing instruction and academic mentoring to encourage English language skills, personal character development, and environmental consciousness among underprivileged and at-risk youths in Valparaiso. A Silent Auction and fundraiser to benefit the Valpo Surf Project will be held Saturday October 15th at Saturday Surf NYC from 7 to 9 PM.

London-based artist Matthew Draper will be showcasing his first solo exhibition in the United States. Draper plays with textures and textiles in this collection of bold pieces. The exhibition opens Saturday October 9th and will run through November 14th.

“The Attorney General is the people’s lawyer. That is why I am pleased to endorse Eric Schneiderman today. New York needs an Attorney General who puts the people’s business above all others. And for his whole career – as a public interest attorney, as a community leader and as an elected official – Eric has always been a warrior for working and middle class families,” said U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer.