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Landscapes of Extraction, an exhibition at The Cooper Union featuring the impressive photographic works of J Henry Fair, provides an eye-opening look at the increasingly extreme industrial processes used to extract fossil fuels including mountain top removal, deep sea drilling and hydro-fracking. Opens Thursday January 20th.

Global dimming is a less well-known but real phenomenon resulting from atmospheric pollution.

member, Peter Pryor. ."

The Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra inaugurates its third season with an all-American program, highlighted by KCO Music Director Gary S. Fagin’s new composition, Robert Moses Astride New York, featuring visionary performer Rinde Eckert.

Opening Friday, January 14th NY Studio Gallery presents Hotter Than July: A Sexploration, a journey into what feels good and what gets us off. This group exhibition represents sex without judgment or shame.


Tonight at 7 PM on the South Side of Union Square, join a wide array of progressive groups in New York City in holding a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims of Saturday's terrible tragedy in Tucson, A.Z. Gatherers will be remembering those that lost their lives, keeping those who were injured in their prayers and speaking out against the violent rhetoric that has been slowly consuming our nation.


Cure that holiday hangover and ease your way into the New Year with the first Comedy Below Canal of 2011! On Thursday January 13th line-up of our faves hits the stage this week including Chuck Nice (Best Week Ever), Costaki Economopoulos (The Economonologue), Dave Hill (Dave Hill Explosion) and more.

In its latest example of hypocritically exploiting and abusing the public property under its jurisdiction to promote private corporate interests, the NYC Department of Parks has announced a partnership with NBC TV in which it will drape “capes” over more than 30 historical monuments to promote a fantasy action show, "The Cape".

Naama Kates has finally arrived as star of the new film "The Ten Commandments of Chloe," a breakaway film by Princeton Holt. It’s about a young woman's ambition and drive in show business, and the toll it takes.

Irvin Morazan’s solo exhibition of photography, collage and sculpture lends itself to a myriad of mythologies, superstitions and sub-cultures. The works are conduits for mythical beings and gateways into absurdity, forming bridges between artificial and natural worlds.