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Researchers fear that such ubiquitous bags may never fully decompose; instead they gradually just turn into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines biodegradation as “a process by which microbial organisms transform or alter (through metabolic or enzymatic action) the structure of chemicals introduced into the environment.”

New Kings Democrats ("NKD") announced today that it is joining a diverse coalition of Brooklyn district leaders and elected members of the Kings County Democratic Committee to introduce three basic reforms at Monday's meeting of the Kings County Democratic County Committee, led by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, at St.


Today’s new data showing home foreclosures skyrocketing by 37 % this month across New York State underscores the need for the next Attorney General to maintain an aggressive focus on Wall Street malfeasance, Eric Schneiderman said today. Schneiderman contrasted his vision with Republican Dan Donovan, who has promised a cautious approach and said his goal is not to “disturb the garden” of Wall Street.


The best green investing resources are available online, many for free. One good place to start is the Green Money Journal, which features a wide range of informative and free articles to help the individual investor make sense of the panoply of choices available when it comes to investing with the Earth in mind.



“When we all started this campaign, we knew that there was far more that united us, than divided us. While we may have differed on who was best equipped to take on Dan Donovan, we wholly agree on one thing: we cannot return to the Attorney General's office to Republican control.” 



Former Democratic Attorney General Candidates will gather for a press conference on the steps of City Hall today at 11 AM to announce their support for Eric Schneiderman.


At the Soho gallery, Jackson will present an installation entitled The Tomb—a large-scale work derived from the Tomb of Philippe Pot. Attributed to Antoine LeMoiturier, in the collection of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Tomb of Philippe Pot is considered one of the masterpieces of the Burgundian style of the late 15th century. Jackson replaces the eight hooded monks who carry Pot’s effigy with astronauts that are rendered from scraps of wood and plastic.

Last night’s storm was spectacular.  Check out some of the images taken from SoHo.

"Sadly, despite the fact that he is asking for a promotion to be the state's top lawyer, Dan Donovan does not understand the basics of the state's penal code, or even his own bill. Had Mr. Donovan done a little research, he'd know that the misdemeanor domestic violence offenses in his bill are not subject to mandatory arrests and could let abusers walk free."

As of August 23, 2010, George Underwood has 498 Facebook friends, which may seem like many or a few depending on who you ask. Regardless, the mere mention of this social networking site should boost his Facebook friend count, while triggering little, if any, activity on Myspace and Friendster. I don’t think this really matters to Underwood personally, though the way that we connect today versus three years ago (Myspace) or three years before that (Friendster) is something that’s on his mind. Human relationships and the current technologies that foster them play a pivotal role in Underwood’s photographic practice.
-       Joseph Maida