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“It simply isn’t enough to talk tough on crime—you have to both be tough and be smart,” said Eric Schneiderman. “I have spent my whole career trying to rid our streets of illegal guns and our neighborhoods of drugs. And I won’t rest as Attorney General in my effort to do everything that I can to keep our communities safe. I’m proud to stand with these leaders of Central New York and look forward to working with them to find tough and smart ways to end the cycle of violence.”


“Half of all complaints that come into my Office’s Immigrant Affairs Program involve individuals who fraudulently pass themselves off as attorneys, or who provide legal advice when they are not licensed to do so,” said District Attorney Vance. “These defendants concoct schemes that defraud trusting victims. The District Attorney’s Office will continue to aggressively prosecute individuals who cheat and steal from immigrants.”

“I have great respect for Mr. Donovan, but I believe we have an honest difference of opinion on how to approach illegal activity taking place on Wall Street that affects homeowners, consumers, and taxpayers across the state,” Schneiderman said today. “I hope he will join me in a courteous and high-minded discussion of our respective positions on this important issue, because the impact it has on New Yorkers is enormous.”

In a powerful endorsement, El Diario editorialized today in support of Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, calling him “smart, decisive and fearless” and citing his lifelong "willingness to defend vulnerable individuals and communities." El Diario la Prensa is the largest and oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in New York City, it currently has 300,000 daily readers.

“The city’s worst landlords can no longer hide from responsibility while their buildings fall into dangerous disrepair,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. “If you’re looking for an apartment, check for your potential landlord on the Watch List first. And if you’re living in a Watch List building, our call-in hotline and field organizers are here to help to you navigate the process of reporting bad conditions and getting them resolved.”

A Chinese contemporary realist painter, Jiang Huan is engaged in a foreign craft explored only since the beginning of the 20th century by artists and art schools in China. He masters the oil painting technique to such an extent that the figure and scene seem alive. The painter’s desire to create a realistic portrait of ideal beauty allows the spectator to draw a visual parallel with such painters as Ingres, Hans Holbein, Jan van Eyck, Raphael and contemporary Chinese artists Ai Xuan and He Duoling.


Critics of the health care industry postulate that our society’s quickness to test for disease may in fact be causing more of it, especially in the case of medical scans. To wit, the radiation dose from a typical CT scan (short for computed tomography and commonly known as a “cat scan”) is 600 times more powerful than the average chest x-ray.


Catch it before ends September 11th. Throckmorton Fine Art is pleased to offer an exhibit of the work of six celebrated photographers who were active in Mexico during the early twentieth century. This period was buffeted by strong political, social, and artistic “crosswinds.” The tumultuous Mexican Revolution, from 1910-1917, upended political institutions, and introduced— often brusquely—new ideas and norms about state and society. The Mexican Revolution also derailed a formal, elitist, and academic approach to art. Meanwhile, from Europe came news of avant-garde experiments like Dada, Cubism, abstraction, and Surrealism. Painting in Mexico came to be dominated by the muralist movement, which combined realism, primitivism, myth, and politics. 

Citing his superior record, diverse legal experience and commitment to reforming our justice system, former Brooklyn District Attorney Liz Holtzman, former Queens District Attorney Michael Armstrong, and former Syracuse U.S. Attorney Daniel French joined 50 prosecutors today to endorse Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General.

The changes in American art over the past 50 years culminate in a post-pop art, post neo-dada, post-post modernism movement: New Americana. Through subtle and not so subtle intensity these creators share commonality through uncommon media. The work chosen reflects a neutralization of details and rendering as well as a borrowing of ideas, literal objects, and imagery. This exhibit takes new authority through perversion of former artistic chapters. Opening Thursday August 26th.